Win one of the most luxurious off-road vehicles ever made, the Mercedes AMG G63

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We have written about quite a few Mercedes Freebies from Omaze, so far our favorite Sprinter camper Or Airstream Atlas (camping is definitely the theme). This giveaway could occupy the top spot as it is one of the most famous, luxurious and capable vehicles manufactured by Mercedes. G-Wagen.

Win Mercedes AMG G-Wagen-Enter Omaze

The G 63 has five seats, is equipped with a twin-turbo 4-liter V8, and has a torque of 627lb-ft, not to mention 577 horsepower. It goes without saying that it is gorgeous. We recently had a G63 and took it off-road. This is what we said:

“Loose surfaces and steep hills proved to be no match for G, and we never rubbed its belly or unstable pipes with any consequences. I We were worried that we weren’t pushing G hard enough to learn something, which means we have to take risks so that going out doesn’t prove to be unhelpful. But then we remembered one important detail: this is not just G-Wagen. It’s AMG. Slow and steady? Technical rock crawling? Pfft. And it took us to Holly Glen.

“Glen is near the entrance to the park and is simply a dirt track. It’s not flashy. There is no start / finish line label and accommodation for spectators or officers, or anything of that nature. Rather, it’s a half-dozen dirt bike or a one-way loop wide enough for two 4x4s, “fast” compared to technical obstacles and hill climbs elsewhere in the park. It’s long enough, but neither is straight, nor flat enough to increase the amount of speed you may not be able to bleed off before your next jump or blind corner. There are some rules posted (no ATV, no traffic flow, such), but nothing to “turn around with a rich toy”. In other words, it’s perfect.

“All of the G63’s dynamic select is set to’stupid’, so we bombed the course while the Wrangler spectators were holding the phone. Sorry for the disappointment, the blue Wrangler man.Capturing the air and generally causing an absolute explosion, the G63 had to do Exactly What it’s good at: Converting gasoline to noise in the most vibrant and entertaining way possible.

“And when we say it’s good, man, that’s right. The G 63 may look the bare minimum for its price tag, but its simple box-shaped shape and crevices- Below the crevice door latch is a high-tech forward powertrain that can transform a few millimeters of steering input and pedal movement into a sound and a sight of flying sand. In “trail” mode, most babies are pretty much back. .. The rest of the safety devices sleep around G’s electronics until they do something particularly annoying.

“We can’t say exactly what it is. Take an almost completely locked off-camber hill, all four corners send a giant 20-foot ondori tail into the air, and all four wheels. I felt like I was brushing along the belly of a big G, even though I was off the ground and agitated deep in the loose sand, we were on one of its many highly intertwined systems. I wasn’t scolded. And when I was done, I returned 10 PSI to each tire, returned the dynamic select to the original comfort setting, and went home with a new rattle, squeak, or shimmy. Was as if it hadn’t happened at all. “

If you need this gorgeous rock crawler, Please enter here. The deadline is October 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm PT.

Win one of the most luxurious off-road vehicles ever made, the Mercedes AMG G63

Source link Win one of the most luxurious off-road vehicles ever made, the Mercedes AMG G63

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