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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-12-07 18:40:35 –

Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Winchester Road residents are once again calling on city leaders to take action to deal with shootings in their area.

Neighbors and business owners met with city leaders in the summer after three people died.

Over the weekend, there were two more shootings near 900 blocks on Winchester Road.

“I saw people run out of fear of screaming because someone was shot and killed,” said a woman living nearby.

This year, there were 127 shootings across Lexington. Twenty percent of these shootings occurred on the same five streets, Lawrence Avenue, Ohio Street, Chestnut Street, East Fifth Street, and Winchester Road.
About 4% of the shootings at Lexington this year took place on Winchester Road.

“At this point I lost a number of it, it’s really, really sad,” the woman said. “My two girls and my little boy face the street in the bedroom, and at any time it could go through. It’s horrible like sleeping without knowing if your house would put a bullet in it. . “

Neighbors on the other side of the street feel the same.

“I’m scared because I have kids, and I’m always worried about bullets,” another woman said.

They want to do something about violence with the crowds they believe are related to strip clubs in the area.

“Nothing else is open until late at night,” said a man who is constantly awakened by patrons. “I have nothing to oppose business, but when people come out of the place, they come here and need to control the crowd.”

He says his neighbor’s house was hit by a drifting bullet. Parking lots near strip clubs are often a meeting place after closing.

“I wish I could block this. A block coming in from Winchester Road, which was once blocked. If it’s blocked, I’m sure many problems will be solved because I can’t escape. If there’s a shooting over there.” He explained.

Other neighbors want to see more police during and after club hours.

“It can happen anywhere, but it’s happening all the time here, and all they have to do is strengthen patrols,” said one woman.

In less than a month, I contacted the owner of The Player’s Club, which took over the founding. Owner Taz says the problem is bigger than one business.

They recently made a Thanksgiving Turkish drive and are working to build a positive reputation.

“We are doing everything we can to make it as peaceful as possible,” Taz said. “Even if you put a mural of a deceased person. I’m just trying to change the name. It’s safe when I’m there.”

“Our security is getting tighter, so it’s not happening inside or outside, but we’re doing our best to make people feel safe when they come. To stop violence. We need more support from the community to get people on board with us .. It includes what comes out to support us, “Taz said.

As it is one of the only places of this kind in Lexington, some may consider it an easy target to start a drama.

When we asked the Lexington police about what they were going to do, they told us they wouldn’t discuss plans or procedures before any event.

Mayor Gorton’s office sent this statement:

“Like cities across the country, Lexington has seen more shootings during a pandemic. Over the past year, crime rates, including violent crimes, have declined, but we still have something to do. I know. Lexington is a public safety and other government resource to this area of ​​the city. We fund additional nearby resource officers and engage in gun violence to prevent shootings through One Lexington. I am working with young people who are doing it. “

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