Winds of change drop temps briefly, rain in short supply – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-19 18:31:49 –

A fire alarm is issued toward the southwest until the evening. Dry vegetation, strong winds of over 35 mph, and rising temperatures can cause wildfires to spread rapidly. Tonight, the cold front moves to the center of Kansas, resulting in lower relative humidity values ​​in this part of the display area.

A shower or thunderstorm near the Kansas-Nebraska border will occur tonight as the front soars east.

The North Central community is a great place to watch the rain. Still, absorbing water is not straightforward. Due to its location within this system, it produces drier air elsewhere. Moisture is really struggling to return for us before the front border.

The temperature of the people behind before the sunset will obviously drop. Wednesday morning, further west locations will be colder. Even behind the cold front, the wind keeps gusts all night.

On Wednesday, temperatures drop, the north reaches highs in the 1950s, and most of Kansas is isolated in the 70s to the southwest and firmly anchored in the 1960s. You can sprinkle water on the east side of our display area early in the day. The wind relaxes. Wednesday nights are star-rich and by Thursday morning more communities will feel the frosty cold of their thirties.

The temperature does not stay knocked down for a long time. It gets warmer and warmer towards the weekend. From Friday night to Saturday morning, there are showers and storm shots near and east of the Turnpike.

The storm system is organized over the weekend, but unfortunately the main impact is felt further east of Missouri on Sunday, making it an ideal place to benefit from a lot of moisture.

We will keep warm before the strong cold comes by the middle of next week. Depending on course and intensity, it looks like a round of storms from central to eastern Kansas, Tuesday night to Wednesday, that will benefit more than further west. The wind is annoying with gusts of over 35 mph. Wichita may encounter frost by the end of next week, so the temperature behind this system should be carefully monitored.

Early Halloween studies today show a dry condition with a Trick or Treat temporary employer in their late 40s and mid-50s. This is not so unusual for Kansas.

– Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman

Winds of change drop temps briefly, rain in short supply Source link Winds of change drop temps briefly, rain in short supply

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