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Many consumers forget that wine is one of the few drinks that actually tastes better with age. Unfortunately, most of us are willing to wait that long to find out.

As we get older, we find that age is not that bad, especially when it comes to wine. Many consumers forget that wine is one of the few drinks that actually tastes better with age. Unfortunately, most of us are willing to wait that long to find out.

Various studies have shown that 80% to 95% of all wines purchased in the United States are consumed within 48 hours of purchase. Given that most of the wine is actually produced to be consumed at a young age, it is not surprising that many consumers cannot wait to go home and break the cork. Let’s talk about being satisfied right away!

However, for some wines, if the buyer waits a little longer, perhaps five to ten years longer, it may provide a better experience for the consumer. But does anyone have this time to wait for the wine to evolve into something a little more interesting, let alone store it properly?

Well, there is some good news on the horizon. Nowadays, not only are the purchase dates close, but there are many producers who make wines that can be enjoyed by going out to future generations. For example, wine consultant Jean Hofriger takes pride in the subtle tightrope walk between a few years after inserting a cork into a bottle, as well as having consumers enjoy the wine immediately after bottling. ..

It is important to note that not all wines can be aged. For example, rose. The fresh and vibrant features are perfect for enjoying within a year or two from the vintage.

However, there are clear advantages to aging some wines. I won’t go into the technical details, but I think there are many technical details, but in general, low pH wines (such as Pinot Noir) are more likely to age. Red wines with high tannin levels (certain Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah wines) may also benefit from in-bottle aging.

White wines are a bit difficult because they are generally low in tannins. However, if you have enough acidity and you are getting enough tannins from the aging of oak (or other wood), they have a good chance of lasting, but they do not always improve over the years. ..

If you choose to store your wine, don’t forget to store the bottle in a cool, dark place with low humidity. Do not store wine on the refrigerator or heater (as my parents did).

Wines that deserve aging do not have to be expensive. Here are some notable and affordable wines that may be worth the wait.

Mariano Fernandez, a friend of mine and former Chilean ambassador to the United States, taught me a very valuable lesson: wines do not have to be expensive to have aging potential. 2019 Cousiño-Macul Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon Great wine. From the Maipo Valley of Chile, this Cabernet shows aromas of black plums, cherries, cassis and Asian spices on a fragrant nose. It has a solid skeleton, is completely dry, has blackberry, plum and violet flavors, and has a soft aftertaste with hints of vanilla and toasted oak. Even more surprising, this wine is aging and can be comfortably stored in the cellar for several years. 10 dollars

Of course, one easy way to enjoy older wines is to let someone else do the work. Tawny port wine is a great way to enjoy wine. Although it is a fortified wine, it has already been aged a little. Tan wines are labeled with a characteristic age of 10, 20, 30, or 40 years, along with the date of bottling. They have more mellow fruit characteristics and tend to have a smoother mouthfeel than fresh cousins. 10-year-old Tawny of Ware It is dry and structured, with mature flavors of baked apricots, dry mangoes, dark chocolate and almond toffee. The finish has a refreshing acidity. $ 28

As mentioned earlier, Syrah wines have excellent aging potential.Is 2018 Jean Louis Shave Hôtels St. Joseph Wines from the Rhone Valley of France are an affordable option for collectors seeking a glass of dry herbs, cedar trees, ripe cherries and a hint of tobacco leaf scent. This wine is certainly fun when you are young, but it will be more interesting in the 5-10 year cellar. $ 28

I recently wrote about 2018 Rail Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon Born in Napa Valley, California. World-renowned winemaker Philippe Merca makes wines with rich flavors of blackberries, cassis and black cherries, with a very long and supple aftertaste, backed by hints of vanilla and roasted coffee. Is a feature. This wine, if properly stored, can easily last for more than 10 years and your patience will be greatly rewarded. $ 66

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