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Wink World at AREA15 to feature 3-D psychedelic art gallery – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-11-10 18:20:48 –

The Aliume 3-D Psychedelic Art Gallery will be part of the entrance to Wink World: Portal into the Infinite, which will open at AREA 15 later this month.

Wink World is a 1,500-square-foot immersive Infinity Room experience that takes the fun fusion of whims, color, art, technology and music pioneered by founder Chris Wink in the Blue Man Group to the next level.

In order to feel like the infinite meditation of Wink World, Wink hired up-and-coming art star Alex Ariume to create space-inspired 3D blacklight art that leads to the first infinite mirror room on display. I made a gallery.

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Wink worked with Ariume to select 15 of his distinctive artworks related to the concept of infinity. Aliume’s work has already been featured throughout Winkworld’s sixth Infinity Mirror Room, gift shop, and façade, but Wink will provide Aliume with a space where guests can enjoy his art in a gallery setting. It was made.

Guests entering the Aliume Gallery will receive ChromaDepth 3D glasses whose colors appear to float on separate planes.

Upon opening, the Aliume 3-D Psychedelic Art Gallery is best viewed through the Chroma Depth Glass included in WinkWorld ticket prices.

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These glasses can also be used to display numerous sacred geometric designs painted on the walls throughout AREA15.

Click for more information on AREA 15’s “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite”. here.

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