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((((Hill) – Tuesday was the most dramatic major night ever in this election cycle.

A high-profile battle took place in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, with voters from Idaho, Kentucky, and Oregon also taking part in the vote.

The Night Marquee Contest — the Republican Senate Primary in Pennsylvania — hasn’t been decided yet and has a television personality. Mehmet Oz And businessmen David McCormick Only the width of the hair is separated early on Wednesday.

The big winners and losers so far are:


Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman

Fetterman was the clearest winner of the night from his hospital bed.

Fetterman, 52, suffered a stroke on Friday and wore a pacemaker device on Tuesday. Candidates say he did not suffer “cognitive damage” from his strokes.

His health drama did not seem to have adversely affected his election performance. By midnight, nearly 90% of revenue had returned, so Fetterman won more than double the votes of his closest rival, Congressman Connorlam, Pennsylvania.

It was an impressive victory for Fetterman. Fetterman’s unorthodox charm is highlighted by his shaved look and his love of wearing shorts and hoodies.

Fetterman leans towards the more progressive side of the Democratic Party, so his victory gave the coveted boost to the left.

He has to wait for who he will play in November, but Tuesday’s winning margin shows his amazing enthusiasm for his candidacy in his party’s base.

Election denialism

Another of the more emphasized results of the night was notched by State Senator Doug Mastriano, a candidate for Republican governor in Pennsylvania.

Mastriano trafficked false allegations of fraud in the 2020 elections and came to Washington on January 6, 2021, but states that he did not enter the Capitol itself.

After the election, but before the riots, Mastriano demanded an alternative slate for voters appointed by the Pennsylvania Parliament — a move that, if successful, would have overturned the state’s election results.

Democratic vigilance against Mastriano’s beliefs is left behind by their confidence that their candidate, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, will be able to defeat the Republicans in November.

Still, Mastriano’s victory once again emphasizes the way fiction disseminated by former President Trump has become mainstream among Republican voters.

Perhaps that’s not surprising.Last week’s economist / YouGov poll showed that 76% of Republican voters believed in the president. Biden He was not a legitimate winner of the 2020 elections.

Progressive Democratic Party

There are still some consequences, but Tuesday was shaped to be a solid night for the Democratic left.

In addition to Fetterman’s victory, another left-wing candidate, Summer Lee, is a house primary in Pennsylvania’s 12th district, with a slight lead over centrist Steve Irwin. I was holding it.

Early return from the Democratic Primary in District 5 of Oregon is still subject to change, but has shown a progressive favorite, Jamie McLeod Skinner, ahead of incumbent Congressman Kurt Schrader. rice field.

If McLeod Skinner wins, it causes the delight on the left and the embarrassment of the White House. President Biden supported Schroeder.

Leadership of Senator Thom Tillis and Republicans

A controversial person. Madison Cawthorn (RN.C.) was defeated in his primary by state senator Chuck Edwards (R), despite being approved by Trump.

Senator Thom Tillis (RN.C.) assisted Edwards. This was a notable and dangerous intervention and was ultimately rewarded.

Corthorn’s defeat will not shed too much tears among Washington’s Republican leaders.

Corthorn was a headache for Republican leaders and caused a variety of anger, from the appearance of his photographs in women’s underwear to his claim that he was invited to an orgy.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) After the latter dispute, he said he had told new immigrants that he had “lost my trust.”


Former President Trump

Tuesday was a mixed night at best for Trump.

Kosorn’s defeat was a blow.

The other was due to the uncertainty of the Pennsylvania Senate Primary. Trump supported Oz there. After all, even if the television personality predominates, it will be due to the skin of his teeth.

Trump can point out other more favorable results.

In North Carolina, his election in the Republican Senate primary, Congressman Ted Budd, beat former Governor Pat McCrory very easily.

Trump left very late in support of Mastriano at the Governor of Pennsylvania’s Primary — but Mastriano was cut from a very Trump-like cloth.

Overall, it was a night when Trump’s support for the Republicans didn’t seem as solid as previously thought.

Hope for a democratic general election

Democrats wanted her to win as conservative commentator Kathy Barnette surged in the Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

Most Democratic insiders believed that defeating in November would be the easiest candidate because Burnett has a history of inflamed remarks and a bit of political experience.

Instead, they ended up with either McCormick or Oz. And they are likely to be tougher enemies.

Democrats, on the other hand, believe that Mastriano’s widespread victory in the governor’s election gives them a real beginning.


Rep. Madison Corthorn (RN.C.)

The defeat of the 26-year-old lawmaker was one of the biggest headlines of the night.

The dynamics behind that defeat are mentioned above, but it was still a notable dip for Protrump’s provocatives.

If he so desires, he can easily find a prominent place in the conservative media sky. But the main defeat before the end of his first term must nevertheless be a bitter medicine.

Representative Connorlam (D-Pa.)

Just four years ago, Ram was a Democratic rising star.

In 2018, he won a special election in a Republican district and became a member of parliament at the age of only 33.

At that time, Ram’s ideological moderation and military records (he belonged to the Marine Corps) were recognized as ideal recipes for winning competitive areas.

However, Congressman never gained traction in this year’s Senate race.

Some have blamed the fact that he entered the race six months after Fetterman. But voters in the Democratic primary also seemed not to simply buy the traditional centrist politics represented by Ram.

The Associated Press called for the Fetterman race within an hour of the vote. It was an embarrassing loss for Ram, given his reputation so far.

Kathy Burnett

Burnett looked like a woman at that moment in the final stages of the Republican Pennsylvania Senate primary.

Her momentum seemed so clear that there was a real prospect of Burnett’s victory at dawn on Tuesday.

After all, she didn’t get too close.


The results on Tuesday, and the lack of results in some places, made it harder than usual to draw clear lessons.

Trump’s support was important in some places, but not in others.

The super MAGA approach was a ticket to Mastriano’s victory, but not enough for Burnett.

Ultimately, this evening reminded us that the dynamics of candidates and individual races can be as important as the big national trends.

Winners and losers from Tuesday’s primaries Source link Winners and losers from Tuesday’s primaries

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