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Winter and COVID-19 force restaurants to create outdoor seating game plans – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2020-10-18 23:06:51 –

Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA)-COVID-19 is stuck in a warm climate that slowly disappears, and now the Upstate restaurant is beginning a pandemic winter plan.

It used to be Crepe du Jour, but now it’s Bonjour Crepe.

The French-style restaurant is the bustling front porch of Greenville’s main street, and many companies have experienced a lot this year.

“We had to be agile and adapt every day,” explains co-owner Will McKibbon.

After shutting down for a month during the pandemic, the rebranding presence helped Bonjour Crepe recover.

Outdoor seating is the name of many restaurant games, and now they need to weigh what their seating options are.

As winter approaches, McKibbon says they are preparing for the cold.

“We want a mild winter,” McKibbon said. “You know that the city allows a few more tables outside, and that would be great. If not, follow the rules. Follow the exact guidelines the governor gave us. I’m going. “

Since Governor McMaster lifted the limited capacity order, McKibbon says he has seen some customers feel hesitant to sit indoors.

He says the people they serve are their main focus.

“Customer health preferences and concerns are our number one priority,” said McKibbon.

In addition, they will do anything to make this winter season comfortable, even in the face of a global crisis.

“The city will allow heaters and, if necessary, for outdoor dining, we will rent or buy some of them to create accommodation as needed,” McKibbon said.

Regarding the restaurants in Spartanberg, he said the city is gathering to find the next step in outdoor seating.

The City of Spartanberg and Once Spartanberg are working on a survey of restaurants and retail stores in downtown to understand what winter outdoor dining will look like and encourage downtown activities.

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