Winter heat waves break records in four US states | US weather

Record heat has hit much of the United States, and many countries are experiencing mild conditions, even when Americans move to what appears to be meteorological winters.

Much of the western half of the United States has been 35F (19C) above average temperatures during this period over the past few days. Wednesday will be the hottest December weather in Montana, Wyoming. State of Washington And North Dakota.

Part of British Columbia in Western Canada reached 72.5F (22.5C), setting a national record for the highest temperatures recorded in December.

A series of state records are Jordan, Montana, 78F, Hettinger, North dakota, 71F, reach Buffalo, Wyoming, and reach 78F.

In Denver, Colorado, temperatures are about 30 degrees above average, but there was no snowfall this season. The latest measurable snow has fallen on the city.

In some places, unusually warm temperatures spurred wildfires that were unusually slow, helping the flames roar across the prairie. MontanaDestroy dozens of homes and incinerate farm equipment.

“It’s definitely not a good sign that December is so dry and so warm,” said Brock Linker, a farmer and volunteer firefighter in Denton, Montana. Said The New York Times. “Since May, the humidity has been zero and there are no signs of it in the future.”

National Meteorological Service Said “High-pressure powerful ridges” drive the heat, and “record warmth” is expected to continue on Friday in much of the southern plains and Rocky Mountains, and cool this weekend.

The climate crisis is causing longer and more severe heat waves to reach every corner of the United States this summer. The hottest ever recorded Nationwide.

However, it gets hotter in winter than in summer. Found by researchers That winter is the warmest season in the 38 states of the United States.

Warm winters reduce cold-related deaths, but prolong the season of allergies, help wildfires become more common, and affect skiing and snowboarding through snow reduction.

The reduction of snow cover also has serious ecological consequences, affecting the wildlife that depends on them, reducing the snowmelt that forms much of the water carried by streams and rivers, and scientists say the worst in the western United States. Contributes to being drought In the last 1200 years..

When the temperature is high, the following pests cannot be killed. Pine beetle, The thinned tree.

Winter heat waves break records in four US states | US weather

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