Wis. Senate passes handful of bipartisan police form bills, all headed to State Assembly – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-05-11 18:14:36 –

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) – Senate Wisconsin has passed the state’s first police reform bill since George Floyd died last year.

The Senate voted on Tuesday for police to create a $ 600,000 grant program. Require police to post policies regarding the use of force online. Demands the state Department of Justice to collect more data on use of force cases and prepare an annual report. Require police to share personnel files during the hiring process. Demands the addition of union candidates to the Milwaukee and Madison Police Oversight Committees. Legislation now goes to Congress.

The bill is not controversial, but their main sponsors, Republican Van Wangard and Democrat Lena Taylor, say they are the starting point for accountability. They say other bills are coming, including a ban on chalk hold.

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