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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-12-03 10:30:41 –

Walkisha, Wisconsin (AP) — A six-story condominium evacuated to the outskirts of Milwaukee after engineers discovered that the structure was in imminent danger of collapsing.

Police and firefighters cleaned up the 48-unit Horizon West Condominium building in Walkisha on Thursday night after an engineering report stated that its structural pillars had been compromised.

“We’re trying to avoid’Florida’,” said Lieutenant Kevin Rice about the collapse of a condominium that claimed the lives of nearly 100 people in Surfside, Florida.

Walkisha officials said they are working with the Salvation Army of Walkisha to help families living in the building find their homes. According to Journal Sentinel, two properties near the building were also evacuated because they were in a potentially collapsed zone.

Evacuation occurs less than two weeks after SUV drivers take care of them at the Walkisha Christmas parade, killing six and injuring dozens.

Vanessa Terrazas, who lives near the building, said evacuation only added to the stress.

“How much can Walkisha take now?” She asked.

Jacqueline Gonzalez, whose father lives in the building, was waiting nearby for him to return home from a Bible study in the church. She couldn’t contact him.

“I don’t even know if he knows he doesn’t have a house when he returns from Bible studies,” Gonzales said. “He doesn’t have anything right now.”

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