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Wisconsin is one of the states that was immediately hit hardest by next month’s Supreme Court ruling, which is expected to destroy the constitutional rights of women who control their lives that have existed for half a century. Will be one.

The final decision by a majority of the radical New Supreme Court recognizes that women have the right to participate fully and equally in American democracy by making their family, health care and career decisions. It’s not just pushing back Wisconsin women 49 years ago.

Wisconsin will soon promote them until 1849, 173 years later, the year after Wisconsin became a state that banned doctors from medically ending pregnancy for reasons other than saving their mothers’ lives.

That archaic 19th-century law, even if enforcement is illegal, in the book, after the conservative 1973 Nixon Supreme Court guaranteed women’s right to decide whether to give birth each time they became pregnant. remain. Roe v. Wade..Wisconsin Republicans claim that it will become law again when the court’s final decision is abolished. eggProtection against federal and state law forces women to become pregnant for nine months and give birth without safe and legal alternatives.

What the Wisconsin Congressman believed

This is a suspicious claim that should be legally challenged. In 1849, lawmakers had never heard of the extreme religious belief that life begins with conception. In the 1800s, the general belief was that pregnancy began by “accelerating” when a woman felt the movement of her child in her body. In other words, late pregnancy when the child is being formed.It’s just standard egg Adopted to allow abortion before the fetus can live outside the woman’s body. Most legal abortions occur in the first three months.

However, all legal objections to the Republican statutory interpretation are destined. The country’s ultimate legal power destroys American religious freedom by allowing Republicans to pass state and federal laws that impose their own religious beliefs on everyone with different beliefs. Right-wing justice.

In Wisconsin, there are even greater threats to women’s lives. Returning the calendar to 1849 is not enough for the most radical Republican reproductive opposition. Prolife Wisconsin, a fraudulently named anti-abortion group, wants to destroy the only exception to its archaic law that allows abortion to save the lives of mothers.

Legislative Director Matt Sande said USA Today The exception was “a large statutory loophole”. His organization does not believe that there are medically necessary situations for abortion to save the lives of pregnant women. what? Do they expect to apply leeches and do tricks? Sande said he was confident that if the Republican governor was elected in November, the state’s corrupt Gerrymandering parliament would ban all abortions without life-saving exceptions.

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What voters believe today

Sande’s ignorant position is arguably a minority opinion in Wisconsin. According to a Marchet Law School survey conducted in October, 61% of state voters believed that abortion was legal in all or most of the time. In states where Republicans have not checked political power, only 11% wanted to be illegal in all cases permitted by the Supreme Court.

Democrats Tony Evers and Atti. General Josh Kaul is a breakwater against the Republican destruction of women’s rights in Wisconsin. “I fight every day as long as I am the governor … to protect access to abortion and reproductive rights,” Evers said. Cowl refuses to divert state judiciary resources needed to fight violent and other serious crimes from 1849 to prosecute an ancient ban on abortion in the hinterland of Wisconsin. doing.

Despite national anger at the Supreme Court’s majority vote, Judge Samuel Alito’s vicious first draft, which allowed the Republicans to force pregnant women to give birth, they are confident that they can win the midterm elections. There is. However, the Supreme Court has never destroyed the constitutional right to protect women’s freedom. They are now the majority of Americans. No one knows how the explosion will end.

It’s not just about women. All men who care about themselves, such as fathers, sons, brothers, spouses, lovers, and friends, also defeat all elected Republicans who oppose the right of women to rule their lives. is needed.

This is especially important in Senate and House elections, as Republican leaders have promised to regain control of these organizations and pass national bans on abortion. The Democratic Party needs to win two more seats and hold the House of Representatives to pass federal law that restores the constitutional rights of women who are ready for a strike within a few weeks by the Supreme Court.

All Republican Senators and Democrat Joe Manchin voted against federal law. The Democratic Party needs two more senators to end the Republican filibuster and prevent the Senate from passing the bill by majority vote. Wisconsin can give them one by defeating Ron Johnson and defend the state by re-election of Evers and Cowl.

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Joel McNally is a national award-winning newspaper columnist and longtime political critic on radio and television in Milwalky. Since 1997, Joel has been writing a column for Shepherd Express and has been an editor for two years.

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May 16, 2022

10:48 am

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