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Madison, Wisconsin (AP) —Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Parliament reveals that Democratic Governor Tony Evers may exercise denials, a federal bonus of $ 300 per week to the unemployed Voted on Wednesday to abolish.

Federal payments approved to assist the unemployed during a coronavirus pandemic will end on September 6. The other 25 states have already approved early termination, alleging that it exacerbated the problem of labor shortages.

It’s a debate made by Republicans, state and local chambers of commerce, trade groups, and others to pass a bill in Wisconsin.

Republican lawmaker Robin Vos claimed Wednesday that a $ 300 payment kept people home.

“Do you think we should help the small business community?” Voss said. “Rather than waiting for government salaries, jobs should be rewarded.

Democratic minority leader Gordon Hintz argued that the unemployment rate was lower than it was a year ago because the pandemic was rampant. The unemployment rate in Wisconsin was 3.9% in April this year. It was 14.1% in April 2020

The problem, Mr Hintz said, is that Republican policy has driven workers out of the state over the last decade.

“You have made our condition worse. People don’t want to live here,” he said. “This vote does not address your issue.”

Labor experts say labor shortages aren’t just about paying $ 300. Some unemployed are hesitant to return to work for fear of being infected with the virus. Others have found a new profession. And many women, especially working mothers, left the workforce to care for their children.

The bill was supported by all Republicans, opposed by Democrats, and passed both the Senate and Parliament in a party-line vote.

Evers last week expressed support for the $ 300 payment, saying that those who insist on abolishing it have no evidence behind a labor shortage.

Payments are made in addition to Wisconsin’s $ 370 weekly unemployment benefit.

The passed bill will end Wisconsin’s involvement in four federal unemployment enhancement programs: pandemic unemployment assistance, pandemic emergency unemployment compensation, federal pandemic unemployment compensation and mixed-income unemployment compensation.

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