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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-11-24 22:25:00 –

Las Vegas >> Wisconsin has the youngest team in 20 years after losing six seniors from last year’s NCAA tournament team.

The unknown kept expectations low, and Greg Guard thought it would take some time for them to gel.

Winning their first Maui Invitational is similar in Las Vegas, but a good sign that badgers should be okay.

Johnny Davis scored 20 points, Tylerwall added 18 and key blocks, and Wisconsin surpassed St. Mary’s 61-55 today to win the Maui Invitational.

“Grit and elasticity, it’s always a good starting point,” Guard said. “When your guy plays hard, you can live with mistakes. Determination and determination with this group, I’ve seen it from the beginning.”

Badger (5-1) reached Maui’s title game once every four times and lost to North Carolina in 2016. They fought the physical second half, filled with clashes and tumbling players, and fought the Gaels.

Wisconsin blocked Danfotu’s shot with 30 seconds remaining, then dragged the biggest wall jumper and two free throws at 10 before giving the final blow.

One giant trophy for the team chosen to finish 10th in the Big Ten for three days in the face of some form of adversity.

“From the first day of practice we compete, there’s something in this group,” Wall said.

St. Mary’s (6-1) made the first appearance of Maui Invitational almost memorable and kept badgers within reach until the very end. It’s painful not to be able to finish it, but the Gaels seem to have returned after being demoted to NIT last season.

Alex Duqa led St. Mary’s with 13 points.

“That’s why we take part in one of the best college basketball tournaments in the country to play against a really good team,” said Randy Bennett, director of St. Mary. “I wasn’t at the top tonight, but I thought I had a good match with a well-instructed team or group.”

The Maui Invitational was forced to shift east for the second consecutive year due to a pandemic.

Las Vegas became a hotbed for college basketball during March Madness, adding early-season tournaments to its hoop resume.

Las Vegas is known as the 9th Hawaiian Islands, but the atmosphere is not the same. Instead of the island’s cold and quaint Lahaina Civic Center, there are bright lights and a large arena.

The championship game was also different.

No. 12 Houston and Oregon have arrived in the desert as favorites to play for the title. Wisconsin jumped at the cougar early and held up late to defeat the cougar 65-63 in the semi-finals. St. Mary’s issued a statement to the ducks, surpassing the ducks at all stages for a 62-50 victory.

Badgers and Gaelics played tight title games, demonstrating the strength of Wisconsin’s internal throbbing and St. Mary’s flow and disconnection.

Badgers took some time to drop their shots, with 13 out of 25 Gaelics leading 31-25.

“At first, I played a little too much one-on-one basketball,” Wahl said. “When we start shaking it and starting to play our game instead of their game, that’s when we really start rolling.”

Brute force is a big part of their game.

In the second half, both teams put defensive pressure and neither could get a separation, so it was a wrestling match.

After the collision, players repeatedly hit the floor, and Lone Bowman II, Wisconsin, had to leave after bleeding his right eye.

Wisconsin survived all body shots and finally had the chance to raise the Mawi Invitational Trophy in Las Vegas.

Big picture

Wisconsin may be young, but the roster is clearly talented. Three consecutive wins and the Maui title proved that.

St Mary’s performed well in the first Maui Invitational. Some bad play of stretch sacrificed Gaelic aiming for the title.

Protect FOTU

Fotu held a powerful tournament, scoring 22 points against Notre Dame and 16 points against Oregon. The senior forward continued to do so in the first half against Wisconsin, scoring 9 points and hitting all four shots of him.

In the second half, Fotu found it much more difficult to take only one shot and score two points.

Main reason: Physical defense of the wall.

“He’s a really good defender, so he had a lot to do with Fotz, who didn’t score in the second half,” Bennett said. “He’s strong, he builds walls with layups. He’s just tough and won’t give you anything easy.”


St Mary’s will host the University of California, Riverside on Monday.

Wisconsin will play at Georgia Institute of Technology next Wednesday.

Wisconsin outlasts Saint Mary’s to win Maui Invitational title Source link Wisconsin outlasts Saint Mary’s to win Maui Invitational title

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