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Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — Governor Tony Evers and U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin will not be welcomed Tuesday when Wisconsin arrives with federal coronavirus bailouts $ 700 million less than originally expected and pays twice a year Stated.

The state was informed on Monday about the payment split and the total it would receive. Evers and Baldwin asked US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday to reconsider splitting payments in two.

“This will significantly reduce the funding available for Wisconsin’s current pandemic response activities, allowing us to continue to meet urgent needs and restore financial well-being,” writes Baldwin and Evers.

Evers emphasized that he wanted to spend money immediately to help those most hurt by the pandemic. He quoted a desire for speed to reject a Republican-made bill that would determine how money would be spent.

Evers generally announced how he would like to spend his money, even if he postponed providing the details. On Monday, the US Treasury released guidelines that describe how money can be spent and explain the application process for states to start receiving money.

The Congressional Research Service initially estimated that Wisconsin would receive $ 3.2 billion, all of which has the authority to be assigned to the governor. However, the Treasury now states that the state will receive $ 2.5 billion.

Evers wants to spend $ 2.5 billion on financial relief for families, tourism, workers and small business owners, $ 500 million on ongoing pandemics, and $ 200 million on infrastructure, including broadband. Was saying.

Evers does not say how the state’s reduced payments will affect his spending plan.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate in March was 3.8%, not two points higher than the 3.5% in February 2020, so Wisconsin will receive the money in two payments. While 30 states received money in two batches, the other 20 states worsened the unemployment rate and were able to receive it all at once.

Evers and Baldwin write that the split of funds “does not necessarily reflect the level of urgency and needs that many businesses, families, workers and community organizations currently have.” … A delay of up to a year before these funds become accessible in Wisconsin risks delaying our financial bailouts and the success of our recovery so far. “

The state has a wide range of freedom to use federal funds to make up for lost income during a coronavirus pandemic. Above all, they can spend money on public health and mental health care. Assistance for small businesses, unemployed or households. Water and sewage and high speed internet infrastructure. Or an additional charge for a wide range of “essential workers”, including teachers, janitor, truck drivers, and people engaged in healthcare, food, and public security jobs.

Federal guidelines prohibit the money from being used to repay debt, reduce taxes, or reserve reserves.

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