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Madison, Wisconsin (AP) —Republicans who control the Wisconsin State Capitol announced plans to change constituencies on Wednesday. The map was quickly considered “illegal” and the majority solidified, as it was primarily based on an existing district created by GOP 10 years ago. ..

The court will probably have the last word on the map, but the next step is a hearing and a parliamentary vote, passing a new legislative and parliamentary map in early November.

“I am confident that these maps are fair to all Wisconsin citizens,” Parliamentary Speaker Robin Vos said in a statement.

The Democratic Party said the latest map was based on a map that was unconstitutionally considered a gerrymander, but the allegations withstood a court challenge. The new map maintains the Republican majority in the state legislature and eight parliamentary districts of the state.

Republicans currently have a majority of 61-38 in parliament and a 21-12 advantage in the Senate. Republicans also hold five of the state’s eight parliamentary districts. Based on the population level in 2020, the number of districts will not change under the new map.

“These new maps are just Gerrymander 2.0,” Democratic Parliamentary Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said in a statement.

The state legislature needs to redraw the political boundaries every decade using the latest population of the US Census Bureau. Mapmakers can benefit political parties in future elections by squeezing opposition voters into several districts or thinly spreading them to many districts. This is a process called gerrymandering.

A GOP map was created on the same day that a committee established by Governor Tony Evers released a revised map following criticism that the Republican Party’s original plans did not have a majority of minority districts. I did. The legislature does not need to consider these maps, but it may be considered by courts that are likely to approve the final district boundaries.

The Republican Party supports the conservatively controlled Supreme Court of Wisconsin and the Democratic Party before they file a proceeding in federal court. Given that Evers is unlikely to approve a plan drawn by the Republican Party, courts are widely expected to decide what the map should look like. Historically, it’s the way subdivision disputes have been resolved.

Republicans want the new map, which will be in place for 10 years, to be based on the current line. However, Democrats argue that they are so gerrymanderers that they need to be mapped from scratch.

Sachin Chheda, director of the Fair Election Project, said the Republicans are “equiping the map for another cycle and trying to pull the wool into our eyes, because the new map is primarily based on the existing map. “.

He said the next important step was to have enough time to hold a hearing to fully analyze the map and collect feedback. He also called on Republicans to pick up maps created by the Evers Commission.

Vos denied it when the Governor’s Map Commission was first announced, calling it a “fake, fake, partisan process.” But on Wednesday, Vos said Congress was taking into account the plans submitted by the citizens and the Governor’s Map Committee.

“There was an unprecedented level of input and influence on the mapping effort,” said Senate leader Devin LeMahieu. It encouraged Wisconsinites to play an active role in this process, and their participation fundamentally shaped the way maps were drawn. “

The new parliamentary district will have six Republican incumbents fight each other in the new district. There are no Democratic incumbents in the same district, and there are no incumbents in the Senate.

In Congress, Congressman Joe Sanfelippo and Mike Coolich confronted each other in the new 15th district on the western outskirts of Milwaukee. Ken Skowronski confronted Chuckwiggers in the new 82nd district in the southwestern suburbs of Milwaukee. Shannon Zimmerman confronted Warren Petryk in the new 93rd district of western Wisconsin.

The map will be subject to a hearing before Congress picks it up in early November.

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