Wisconsin Republicans take redistricting case to high court – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-24 20:55:59 –

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — A Republican state legislator in Wisconsin requested the US Supreme Court to dismiss the constituency change on Friday. Proceedings filed by the Democratic Party It requires federal courts to draw political boundaries in fierce battle states.

The submission by a Republican-controlled lawyer representing the state legislature will take place two days after the conservatively controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court stated. I hear a similar case It is supported by the Republican Party. Republicans feel they will get better shots in the State Supreme Court, which is dominated by conservatives 4 to 3, than in federal court.

The case belongs to state courts, and it is too early for such cases to be considered in federal court, said Republicans, who requested the US Supreme Court to dismiss the case in a Friday submission. The proceedings were filed on behalf of Wisconsin voters by Democratic chief lawyer Marc Elias and a number of voting advocates in the state.

A committee of three federal judges considering the constituency change proceedings had previously refused to dismiss the proceedings and said they would like to close the proceedings by the end of January on Tuesday. Republicans called for the case to be put on hold Thursday, and the judge responded to all parties until October 1.

It goes without saying that all legal operations are done before Parliament introduces new maps of Parliament and the legislative district and vote for one.

Republicans and Democrats also hope that GOP-controlled parliament passages will be denied by Democratic Governor Tony Evers. That’s why they are now asking the court to get involved. The last three subdivisions took place in Wisconsin under a divided government, and in 2002, 1992, and 1982, federal courts created maps.

If the US Supreme Court agrees with the Republican Party and terminates the proceedings, or if the Legislature and the Governor disagree, it means that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will approve the final map.

Sachin Cheda, director of the fair, said: Election project. “The Supreme Court must deny what this partisan nonsense is. This is a manifested effort to put in place a process in favor of one party.”

Tuesday parliament Will approve the resolution State that the current district will be used as the basis for drawing new maps. Democrat-backed federal proceedings argue that the current map is unconstitutionally gerrymandering and should not be the starting point for creating new lines.

Constituency change is a once-in-a-decade process that redraws state political boundaries based on the latest census showing how the population of neighborhoods, cities, and counties has changed since 2010. .. Mapmakers can squeeze their enemies to benefit political parties in future elections. Place voters in several districts or spread them thinly across multiple districts — a process known as gerrymandering.

Associated Press Analysis The Republican Party won about 16 seats in 2018, holding seven legislatures, including the Wisconsin State Capitol, and found that it was more than expected based on the average share of votes in parliamentary districts across the country.

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