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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-21 14:15:22 –

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — Wisconsin’s September unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.9% for the sixth straight month, the Department of State’s Labor Development Department reported Thursday.

This report is the first since the enhanced federal unemployment allowance expired on September 6. Republicans argued that this allowance only motivated people to stay out of work and exacerbated the state’s labor shortage problem. But Democrats and labor experts said the long-standing shortage was caused by a variety of factors.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers has vetoed a bill drafted by the Republican Party that will end profits this summer. Attempts to revoke the veto failed in July.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was above the national average of 4.8% in September.

Wisconsin’s private sector work decreased by 100 in September compared to August. Private sector jobs in September increased by 51,800 from a year ago.

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