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With no police shootings in 2020, Newark makes case for consent decrees – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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One local police station managed to spend a year without a single shot by a police officer, without shooting or death, as US police were working on a method of hoisting with the use of force.

“The Newark Police Department has adopted the concept set out in the Consent Decree. I don’t know if Newark City or Newark PD arrived here without a Consent Decree, but they are here,” said former New Jersey. State Attorney General Peter Harvey said.

The transformation of Newark, NJ could be the best argument for the widespread adoption of a “consent decree” (a court-enforceable agreement between local police and the Department of Justice to implement reforms). ..

Similar to where the Minneapolis and Louisville police stations are currently located, Newark PD was the subject of a “Pattern and Practice Investigation” in 2011.

3 years Survey found Arrest, widespread corruption, “extreme racial disparity” in a long history of excessive power.

In 2016, just months before President Barack Obama resigned, the city of Newark agreed to be enforceable in court. Consent judgment Overhaul the department. Harvey is an independent monitor responsible for overseeing the agreement.

“It will take some time for the inevitability of the consent decision to subside, but it is inevitable,” he said.

In particular, the Consent Decree called for new policies and training on the use of force, search and seizure, unbiased police, body cameras and internal affairs. The department is currently “pre-compliant”. 40 different benchmarks Within those categories.

“Some people were waiting for this because they thought it would be a police officer,” Harvey said. “They now have something to use to push back people who want to keep things as they are.”

Prior to the reforms, it was unheard of for Newark to have zero deaths and no guns throughout the calendar year. In 2016, seven police shots continued in the city over a seven-month period, killing five residents.

“‘Should I use my power?’ That is the first question,” he said. “In the case of Newark PD, they incorporated revised guidelines for the use of force, the principle of deescalation as a first resort, subsequent decisions on the use of force, and if so, how much force to incorporate. . “

Newark reached a milestone in December, but the celebration was soon interrupted.Newark police shot dead Carl Dorsey However Minutes In the new year. The shooting is under investigation by the current New Jersey Attorney General.

But Harbury says the case does not hurt progress.

“What we want police officers to do is protect the people and train them to make the right decisions. They know they’re not perfect and they make mistakes,” Harvey said. I will talk. Said. “What you don’t want is intentional criminal activity, as you’ve seen George Floyd and Minneapolis.”

According to Newark police, overall crime fell by 6% in 2020 as part of a five-year trend of overall crime decline.

This story was originally published by Jamal Andress for Newsy.

With no police shootings in 2020, Newark makes case for consent decrees Source link With no police shootings in 2020, Newark makes case for consent decrees

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