With one month to go on a grant, Next Door’s COVID-19 outreach team aims high – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-08-04 07:00:45 –

Dr. Michael Davischop (left) of the Wisconsin Medical College is working with Nextdoor staff to provide vaccines to the community. (Photo courtesy of Next Door)

Val Moore and her team are walking down the streets of Metcalf Park. Wearing a bright orange shirt with the words “Immune System At Work”, it’s starting to get a lot of attention. The conversation begins when someone approaches them and asks what the shirt is.

Moore, Operations Supervisor and Manager of the COVID-19 Outreach Team of the nonprofit NextDoor, said this has always been the case. People are intrigued, talk and build relationships.

Listening to people on the street helps the team understand why some people are not vaccinated.

“What they really share with us is the barrier,” Moore said. “There is a great deal of distrust. There is a sense of distrust. There are barriers to the knowledge we are working on every day to attempt knockdowns.”

These barriers include a lack of transportation and lack of information about how vaccines work, Moore said.

next, The Early Education and Child Care Organization received a $ 98,230 grant from the Health Services Department for COVID-19 outreach in the areas where it provides services. The organization aims to get 500 bullets by August 31st. It started on June 1st.

According to Moore, team members were responsible for about 200 shots as of July 29, but there was no official count. Next Door hosts its own clinics with vaccines such as Hayat Pharmacy’s Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson.

“The vaccine clinic we went to at Nextdoor is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of people vaccinated as a result of the outreach team,” said Professor Michael Davischop. Wisconsin Medical College.

The outreach team has partnered with the Wisconsin Medical College to disseminate information about COVID-19 and vaccines.

“We should work on myths and facts and make conscious and personal decisions rather than listening to vines or acting towards what our peers are saying. “I encouraged,” said Dr. Dessie Levy, co-director of community engagement. Initiatives with the Institute of Clinical Translation Science and an assistant professor at MCW.

Over the past two months, a five-person outreach team has visited the neighborhood, hosted community events, and took people to vaccination sites. Vaccination rates are low on the north side compared to most other parts of the city.

Moore has also been working to establish relationships with other vaccinated people. She gives recommendations to the Milwaukee Health Department about where to host mobile clinics and introduces people to the department’s site.

Outreach also went to the place of worship. According to Moore, the 53206 zip code has churches about every three blocks, so it makes sense to partner with them. The team serves the entire city, but is based in Metcalf Park.

One of its strongest community partners is the Epistles of Christ Church, 2407 W. Nash St, which hosts cookouts and other community events. is.

Next Door IT support technician Jeremy Walton said team members would like to inform about COVID-19 in an informal way. So they launched “Space Jam 2”, served light meals, and hosted a family-friendly movie night at the church. Before the movie, outreach workers answered questions about vaccines and showed a news segment from CNN.

“We don’t preach,” Moore said. “We open it up and say,’Everyone knows why we are here. Let’s talk.”

Two vaccine clinics

Nextdoor will hold two more vaccine clinics on Wednesday, August 4th, from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturday, August 28th. The clinic is 5310W, the location of the next door. It will be held at Capitol Drive.For more information, see Val Moore (414-881-7048) or Walk-ins are welcome.

On August 4, the clinic will offer vaccines for Pfizer, Modana, Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson will be available on August 28th.

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