With Roe overturned, Minnesota abortion opponents win a long-fought battle

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Songs, prayers, and laughter echoed outside the Warren E. Berger Federal Building in downtown St. Paul. There, a crowd of anti-abortionists celebrated the success of nearly 50 years of efforts to witness the Roe v. Wade incident.

“I have lost my word,” said Rev. Dennis Walker of the Eternal Ministry of Light on the court’s decision. “You would think I wasn’t, but I was, and I’m so grateful to God that the federal government finally got out of the abortion business because of where it puts the problem. I like decisions. “

Opponents of abortion in Minnesota and across the country wanted to be in line with the draft decision leaked in April, and celebrated the long-awaited decision that many were praying for. Despite being a minority in public opinion on access to abortion, their activities over the decades have been the basic Republican beliefs from the focus of a split group of predominantly faith-based activists in the 1960s and 1970s. I took the problem.

On the day of 1973, when the US Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protects women’s right to abortion, Jerry Chapdeline called a friend and they cried.

Nurses and mothers, who urged parliamentarians to work on a Minnesota Citizen’s Life-threatening (MCCL) pamphlet and put up a paper in the community, imagined that such a swift single action would make abortion legal nationwide. I didn’t.Almost 50 years later, the National High Court I undoed that decision at once..

She cried again on Friday, but not all of her friends who fought by her side were alive to see the moment.

“People came and went. So many people died,” said 88-year-old Chapdeline, who lives in Egan. “It feels like it can never happen in our lives.”

Their work helped elect President Donald Trump, who appointed three conservative judges, and created a majority in the High Court in favor of overthrowing Law and sending abortion access issues back to individual states. Did.

Activists like Chapdelaine remember how difficult it was to pay attention to this issue in the early days. She stood at the MCCL booth at the Minnesota State Fair in the early 1970s, answering a ton of questions from passers-by.

During the session, she had a list of more than 20 representatives and senators that needed to be reached. Some of them helped convince them to vote against abortion. Activists loaded children and pamphlet boxes into the van and attacked the parish throughout the community.

“We all cleaned up our ass. I had a lot of good friends and many had a big family. We all drove a car by bus or van to deliver materials. I joked that it was just a matter of fact, “Chapdeline said. “We were just women in a van.”

Mary Ann Kuhalsky had just started her family when the issue of abortion became part of mainstream discourse. Her friends were surprised that the hired Kuhalsky was not engaged.

“I started looking into it, and I was horrified,” she said. “What would you say to your children if you didn’t do anything to counter this?”

She attended the MCCL in 1970, lobbiing parliamentarians and speaking at events. As the mother of 13 children, 6 of whom were adopted, she realized she was interested in promoting her mother’s adoption and resources, and she was in the living room over 30 years ago. Started the Minnesota branch of ProLifeAcross America. She receives calls from the state and pregnant women and mothers.

Like most abortion opponents, Kuhalsky has no plans to stop her job in Minnesota. Minnesota has its own constitutional protection against abortion throughout the state. Doev. 1995 Supreme Court decision in Gomez.. But she called it a “national scar” and was relieved that Rho was upset.

“For almost 200 years we have protected both mothers and babies. We need to do what we can to protect both, which is not desired, not perfect, or for some reason. Whatever you do, you need to make sure you don’t destroy one, “she said.

“We can talk about people’s rights, employment, labor, civil rights and taxes. We can talk about all sorts of issues that may be prevalent,” Kuhalsky said. “But if you don’t have your own life, nothing else matters.”

Grace Evans, senior at Bethlehem College and Seminar in Minneapolis, spurred action after seeing New York City illuminate skyscrapers with baby colors in 2019 to celebrate the legality of abortion. I did.

She is working on this issue as an intern at the Minnesota Family Council, saying that Roe’s dismissal by the Supreme Court “will go down in history as a major human rights victory.” However, she added that young abortion opponents must continue to help mothers facing unplanned pregnancies.

“My generation will continue to fight for countries and states where women feel very loved and supported, so abortion is by no means an idea that crosses their hearts,” she said. ..

When she attended a Friday demonstration in St. Paul, Evans summarized the day: “Honestly, the best day of my life so far.”

Staff writer Katelyn Vue contributed to this report.

With Roe overturned, Minnesota abortion opponents win a long-fought battle Source link With Roe overturned, Minnesota abortion opponents win a long-fought battle

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