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With school board election maps in legal limbo, Baton Rouge may just use the old one. | Courts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-07-02 11:00:00 –

Thanks to this week’s court ruling, elected members of the East Baton Rouge Parish Board of Education have the same geographical boundaries as since 2014, despite population changes revealed by the 2020 census. May continue to represent the same district with.

A panel of three judges from the First Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday made this likely. When they did not allow two sets of election maps, at least temporarily: Approved by the Board of Education on May 5th, June 17 decision by state judge Tarvard Smith..

Secretary of State Louisiana is back at because there is no new available map Election maps used in the 2014 and 2018 elections..

“For now, elections will be based on existing boundaries,” state spokesman John Tobler said Friday.

If that is the case, the court will be erased Work for over a year A new school board district will be set up in time for this fall election.

Qualifying for the November 8 election It’s July 20th to 22nd, less than three weeks from now.

On Friday, the three judges announced that they would not hold a formal hearing of the case until August 10, 19 days after the qualifying round was over. The announcement shattered the hope that the court would reconvene before qualifying and revive one of the two existing maps.

Mr. Tobler said it would not be difficult for the Secretary of State’s election department to return to the map adopted by the parish board of education in July 2014 in time for the start of qualifying.

“There’s more or less work to do with our normal process because of this,” Tobler said.

Eight of the current nine members of the board are planning to seek reelection. Only board member Tramelle Howard has announced that he is not running.

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If the 2014 map remains valid, those elected to the Board of Education on November 8 will have a new four-year term that will not expire until December 31, 2026. , These maps will not be valid for years — they will not be valid until the end of the fall 2026 elections.

State law has given the Board of Education until December 31, 2023 to select a new election map that complies with the 2020 US Census. The Board has chosen to act more quickly to prepare a new map for the fall 2022 elections.

The 2014 map is controversial. Just a few weeks before qualifying, the board voted by a 6-5 difference, reducing its size from 11 to 9.

The map recently ordered by Judge Smith has been implemented. Ware / Collins 1-11, Should have returned the board to 11 members. Map adopted by the Board on May 5th. Plan 22Save 9 members.

The four directors who voted in favor eight years ago are still sitting on the board. One of them, Evelyn Ware-Jackson, expressed her regret in a 2014 vote.

Freeman 9 member 7When the plan was called, it replaced a more general set of maps, pre-approved by the US Department of Justice, approved by the Board just 21 months ago.

Six months later, the U.S. Supreme Court demands that elected bodies, such as the East Baton Rouge Parish Board of Education, with a history of racism, before receiving the prior blessings of the Justice Department in federal voting rights law. When some were eradicated, the prior permission itself was revoked. Changes to their election boundaries. Freeman 9 Member 7 was the first election plan adopted by the school board in decades that had not been cleared in advance.

By redrawing the election boundaries on its own and reducing it to nine members when not needed, the board Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce.. The Chamber of Commerce called for unsuccessful legislation in the spring of 2014 to enforce such reductions. The law has partially disappeared as members of the board promised to scale themselves down.

Proponents argued that smaller boards were more efficient and could save school system costs. Opponents argue that the smaller the board, the easier it is for subcommittees such as the Chamber of Commerce to hold elections in favor of the candidates they support.

With school board election maps in legal limbo, Baton Rouge may just use the old one. | Courts Source link With school board election maps in legal limbo, Baton Rouge may just use the old one. | Courts

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