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Lisa Mascaro

Washington (AP) —Parliamentary Republicans calculate dangerous but dangerous that President Donald Trump will deal with the defeat of the presidential election to Joe Biden if he makes a legal objection to the election. Engaged in betting made.

But the opposite is happening.

As Trump’s proceedings fail one after another, Trump is doubling his efforts to confuse election results. Instead of accepting the reality of voting, the president is trying to crush it with the weight of his office. He summoned a Michigan congressman to the White House on Friday after personally contacting Republican officials prior to next week’s deadline to prove the election results. Others from Pennsylvania may be invited as well.

Republicans are waiting for everything to unfold. What began as a Republican strategy to give the president the time and space needed to handle the defeat is now swirling into an unprecedented challenge to election results that have been nothing since the Civil War.

“The Republicans are coming to the point where Mr. Trump is too protracted,” said Douglas Brinkley, a historian professor at Rice University in Texas.

Their silence has left Republicans one step deeper with the president, who spent four years soothing them. There are some voices. However, most Republicans make Trump possible because they are making unfounded attacks on elections that could undermine public confidence and hinder Biden’s transition to the White House. This may define a career for the next few years.

“It makes the Republican future stars look smaller and smaller,” Brinkley said. “All of these senators intend to darken their legacy to pamper Trump after Trump loses.”

Republicans started with a simple premise. As Trump widely argues, if you are concerned about fraudulent voting, you will go to court and file a proceeding.

It was a way to save time, give Trump the opportunity to bring evidence, and perhaps convince some of his most ardent supporters of the results. Biden currently has 80 million votes against Trump’s 74 million.

But in states, from Arizona to Georgia, the Trump case has failed. Trump forced a recount on Friday in two counties in Wisconsin. Further legal action is expected there, and the proceedings are pending elsewhere. No evidence of widespread fraudulent voting on a scale that could change results is presented.

Republican lawmakers are soon driven into a moment of truth, and an important deadline is approaching.

The state is expected to prove the election results by December 6, and Republicans are paying attention to the December 14 deadline as their own electoral college from President Trump.

It’s time for Republican lawmakers to believe that many of them can start publicly saying what they’re already proposing privately. In fact, Biden won the election.

However, there is no guarantee that their gambling will work. Rather than slipping towards the outcome, Mr. Trump is trying to go beyond Republicans’ claims by counting legitimate votes, blocking illegal votes, and broadly overturning the outcome.

Trump spoke openly about stacking electoral colleges. Electoral colleges are usually determined by state results and are with supporters.

“By the way, I won,” Trump said at the White House on Friday. “We will find it.”

Most of the top Republican leaders in the House or Senate did not answer directly on Friday when the Associated Press asked that the state had no reason to prove the election results.

Only Rep. Liz Cheney, a third Republican in the House of Representatives and daughter of the former Vice President, said he could appeal if Trump was not happy with the outcome of the court battle.

“If the president cannot prove these claims or change the outcome of the election, he should fulfill his vow to protect, protect and uphold the US Constitution by respecting holiness. “Cheney said in a statement to the AP. Of our election process. “

Senator Pat Toomey, one of the main members of the Pennsylvania battlefield, said, “I believe the state should prove the results,” according to election law, his spokesman said.

When the state certifies, he said, “these results should be accepted by all parties involved.” In Pennsylvania, state law is “clear. The winner of a state’s popularity vote will be given a vote by the state’s electoral college.”

Parliamentarians can divert many questions about their position as the Capitol is still partially closed due to the COVID-19 crisis and is vacant for the next Thanksgiving holiday. I will.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley said on Friday that he wasn’t very familiar with what Trump was doing to invite Michigan lawmakers to the White House.

“I’m not really worried that he’s talking to the elected officials about the situation,” Hurley told the Capitol when he opened the Senate for a functional session.

Asked if Trump could overturn the election, Hurley was uncommitted: “Anything is possible.”

Republicans have calculated that it is better not to provoke the president-he may do more tough-but take the time to do so.

It’s the strategy they used throughout President Trump’s term, bringing him closer so that they wouldn’t alienate his supporters needed for their own reelection, and less involved when he strained national norms. I will try not to.

Republicans are being watched by Trump supporters to vote in the next Senate outflow election in Georgia, which decides which party will dominate the Senate in January.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell tried to portray the extraordinary week as usual.

“In every presidential election, we go through this process,” he said. “It’s irrelevant that we all say about it.”

McConnell said the election would end “if it did” when state certification occurred.

“One of the beauty of the American electoral system is that there are 50 separate ways to implement them,” he said. “Decisions on how to end elections are made in 50 places.”

The office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Republican Party, mentioned his comment earlier this week when he said, “The state should finish their work.”

Meanwhile, state aggregates will continue to roll in.

Georgia proved the results on Friday. Biden was found to have won by a difference of 12,670 votes, the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the state since 1992. Michigan will prove the results on Monday. Pennsylvania will soon follow.

Electors are set to vote on January 6th, two weeks before taking office on January 20th.


Editor’s Note — Associated Press correspondent Lisa Mascaro has been covering Congress since 2010. Follow her on https: //twitter.com/LisaMascaro.

With silence, GOP enables Trump’s risky endgame – Twin Cities Source link With silence, GOP enables Trump’s risky endgame – Twin Cities

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