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With suspicious vaccination goals, Biden warns of variant threats

Washington — In the United States, it is unlikely that 70% of adults will reach his voluntary deadline for partial vaccination. Coronavirus By July 4, President Biden will step up his drive for Americans to get their shots on Friday, and those who refuse will be infected with a highly contagious and potentially deadly variant. Warned that there is a risk.

In his afternoon appearance at the White House, Biden avoided mentioning the 70% target he set in early May and instead set another milestone.But even if he welcomes vaccination The success of the campaign made him melancholy about the delta subspecies of concern that are prevalent in low-vaccination states.

“The best way to protect yourself from these variants is to get vaccinated,” the president declared.

His remarks came when his administration began its final push to reach its July 4th goal in the next two weeks. Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Health and Welfare Xavier Besera were both on the road on Friday in an attempt to increase their enthusiasm for vaccines. Harris went to Atlanta. There she said less than half of the people in Fulton County, where the city is located, had at least one shot, and Mr. Besera went to Colorado.

Biden took office in January, warning of a “dark winter” as deaths approached peaks and vaccinations were rare.

A fact sheet distributed by the White House prior to Friday’s remarks stated that more than 70 percent of adults received at least one shot in 15 states and the District of Columbia. “The results are clear. America will begin to look like America again, and we will enter a summer of joy and freedom,” the document declared.

However, vaccination and infection rates are uneven across the country.

And while people with a “wait-and-see” attitude are more open to vaccination, 20% of American adults never get vaccinated or are vaccinated only when needed. I am saying that I will receive it. A poll released last month by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

State health officials are trying to persuade those who are hesitant. In West Virginia, where just over one-third of the population is fully vaccinated, the state’s coronavirus emperor, Dr. Kramersh, said young people have proved particularly difficult to win. ..

“In the early days of the pandemic, there was a story that really bothered us, that is, the youth are really protected,” he said. “For many otherwise healthy young people, there is a false belief that this is still relatively free to ride and is okay if infected.”

In Louisiana, state officials announced Thursday that only 34% of the population is fully vaccinated and only 37% are vaccinated at least once. New lottery A $ 1 million grand prize for anyone in the state who took a single dose.

In Wyoming, vaccination rates are about the same as in Louisiana, and health bureau spokeswoman Kim Deti said politics is a concern as authorities aim to increase the number of vaccinations. Stated. But she said there were other reasons for lower prices in her state.

“We have been suffering from relatively low levels of Covid-19 disease throughout the state for some time, affecting our perception of the threat,” Deti wrote in an email. “Schools go to school all year round, and most businesses have been open for most of the past year, so it can be difficult for some to understand the personal need for vaccination.”

Harris, who spoke to students at a vaccination mobilization event at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia on Friday, warned: Risk of false alarm He then made the decision to get vaccinated as a way to regain power from the virus.

“Let’s learn the truth,” she said. “When people said that this vaccine seemed to have been given overnight, it wasn’t. It’s the result of many years of research.. “

When Mr Biden set a goal for July 4 in early May, he said achieving it would indicate that the United States had “taken a serious step towards a return to normal.” ..This week, California and New York Lifted virtually everything About pandemic restrictions on business and social gatherings.

However, the time frame is tight. According to a New York Times analysis, if adult vaccination rates continue on average for seven days, the country is slightly below Biden’s 70% target, with 67.6% of US adults receiving at least one vaccination. It will be. By July 4th.

As of Friday, 65% of adults have at least one shot. Data from CDC.. However, the number of Americans taking their first shots is steadily declining, from about 500,000 per day to about 200,000 per day since then. Biden announced That June will be the “month of action” to reach his goals.

Dr. Marcus Precia, Chief Medical Officer of the State Association, said: And territorial health authorities.

Experts say the difference between 67 percent and 70 percent is not important from a disease management perspective. But from a political point of view, Biden is the first to set a pandemic-related goal, and he hasn’t achieved it. He constantly sets relatively modest goals for himself and surpasses them, including his pledge to get 100 million shots in the arms of Americans by the 100th day of his inauguration. It was.

“The 70% target isn’t a difficult number. Just because it’s not exactly hit doesn’t mean the sky is falling,” said Jenkates, head of global health and HIV policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “On the other hand, it has a symbolic importance. There is a lot of emphasis on reaching that point, and not hitting it reminds us of how difficult the rest of the stretch is.”

At the White House, Mr Biden’s aide said he was less interested in achieving the 70 percent goal than making the public feel the normality promised by the president. Only a few months ago, he talked about a small family barbecue on July 4, but they pointed out that large gatherings are now possible.

White House to prove the points We are also planning a big celebration on July 4th Fireworks were set off here at the National Mall in Washington, where more than 1,000 military personnel and essential workers gathered for Mr. Biden, Mr. Harris and his spouse to watch the festival from South Lawn.

On May 4, Mr. Biden made a personal plea to all unvaccinated people in announcing the 70% target. It’s life and death. “

One month later, in early June He tried to rally the country Declare a “month of action” and offer incentives such as providing free childcare to parents and caregivers while receiving shots. He also promised a national solicitation campaign similar to a voting drive.

Since then, White House officials say nonprofits and community groups across the country have held testing and vaccination events, especially in black churches. Planned Parenthood has invested in toll phone banking, and Service Employees International Union has hosted vaccination clinics and solicitation events in collaboration with the National Association of Latin American Elected and Appointed Officials.

Jeffrey D. Jientz, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, was asked about the deadline for July 4th this week, but specifically states that the country will reach the 70 percent threshold by that date. Avoided.

“We have made tremendous progress,” he said. “Hundreds of thousands of people continue to take their first shots every day. We reach 70% and continue to push over 70% during the summer.”

Annie Carni Contributed to the report from Washington, Amy Schoenfeldwalker From Trumbull, Connecticut.

With suspicious vaccination goals, Biden warns of variant threats

Source link With suspicious vaccination goals, Biden warns of variant threats

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