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(WGN) – The COVID-19 pandemic has increased zoom calls. In many cases, that means focusing more deeply on your face. It’s close-up that some people wonder how they can improve their image.

Enter the phone application. With apps like FaceTune, patients are becoming artists of their faces, and many come to plastic surgeons by saying, “Adjust my face.”

“They bring in these pictures and say,’I want to be like this famous star and Instagram model,'” said Dr. Jeremy Warner, a plastic surgeon at the Warner Institute for Plastic Surgery. “And this is my photo I morphed, and this is how I want it to look.”

Maya Edelmuth wanted to change only one.

“Everyone edits,” she said. “I take the black marker (in the app) and plunge.”

She wanted to get rid of the bumps on her nose.

“And I just go (pull my nose) and assemble it and get rid of the bumps,” she said. “The photo made me happy.”

But then Edelmus saw the reality in the mirror and felt it ruined everything, so she went to see Dr. Warner.

“I wanted an ideal button nose, dive, and a tiny little tip,” Edelmas said.

The doctor had a different idea.

“I think we decided it was a little too much,” Warner said. “When a patient tells us what they care about their face and nose, they may interpret it a little differently, even if they speak the same language. Looking at the computer screen. Visually, there is no doubt that they are on the same page. “

“I’m not even thinking about seeing myself anymore, but before I do, can they see my bumps? Are they aware of it? It’s everyone’s look Is it there? “Said Edelmas. “But it’s really in my head and now it’s completely removed, so I don’t even think about it.”

The changes in Joette Waters are both inside and outside.

“I felt very young,” she said.

Successful actresses were less successful in the land of Zoom’s interviews.

“I auditioned for some people. They felt I was too old for the role,” she said.

When Waters looked in the mirror, she felt she knew why.

“Looking in the mirror, I saw my face starting to drag,” she said. So she was dragged into the Warner Institute.

“This has increased significantly,” Warner said. “People have time to recover (now). They work from home. They wear masks on their faces to hide when they are recovering. And for all these reasons , People are coming in large numbers. “

Waters wanted a little lift. And she was happy with the result.

“The photos before and after me are amazing,” she said.

And as a bonus, there were no scratches.

“All the incisions are well hidden,” Warner said. “By doing this, you can look younger, look better, hide the incision, and even with the camera and lights on, no one knows what you did.”

Do you remember the casting director who turned her down last year? They zoomed in with a new outlook after Waters surgery.

“The director who didn’t hire me last year because I was a little older than the role I hired this year,” she said. “They just said,’You look great.'”

And Waters said he feels great with age and has a new look and some new career opportunities.

“I wanted to look fresh, refreshing and resting,” Water said. “But I’m also proud of my age. I feel like I’m a young female mentor. (I can) Still beautiful, create an image that can be young at any age I can do it.”

With time to heal and a mask to hide under, more patients are looking for pandemic plastic surgery Source link With time to heal and a mask to hide under, more patients are looking for pandemic plastic surgery

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