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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-08 20:31:39 –

Wichita, K. (KSNW) -Tuesday morning, he continued to search for suspects in a shooting at a club in the old town.

Police are looking for 23-year-old Keshawn Dawson.

They said he started shooting shortly after being kicked out of the Enigma club near Central and Moseley on Tuesday morning.

Surveillance videos from a nearby company show the moment the ammunition was fired. One of them was attacked by six and two fathers, Preston Spencer, died.

According to police, Dawson left the scene in a dark car.

Witnesses are talking about her now.

Nicole Atkins said he regularly attends R & B nights in Enigma on Monday. She knew she was busy on Worker’s Day, but decided to get off, and now she didn’t want God to help her after the ammunition was fired. I believe.

“I think I’m a mom, you know, you think” What if it was my baby? What if someone passes my baby? What if your baby needs help? “Adkins said.

Nicole Atkins said at 12:36 am on Tuesday that she and her friend looked down at the clock as they left the bar by the front window. Only a few seconds later she heard a gunshot.

“We were behind the bar and thanked God, so the whole bar was protecting us. Many people fell on the couch,” Adkins said.

When the shooting stopped, she found a friend. As she rushed out of the bar, she noticed that some people had been shot.

“I saw where he was shot, but I didn’t see any scratches on the exit,” Adkins said.

Adkins said she was a friend of Preston Spencer’s cousin, she noticed that Spencer had people helping him, so she had a young woman shot with her back and arms. I went to help.

“She was so distressed that she could say it was like’No, no, no’. She says,’Mom, mom is just talking to someone, I can’t!’ I hear, “Adkins said.

Adkins called the victim’s mother and let her know where they were and what was happening.

“I thought I didn’t know her mom’s name, I didn’t know the girl’s name, but I’m always looking for that girl, just like I’m looking for my history on Facebook.” Adkins.

Adkins said he hopes to talk to the victims she helped someday to see how they are doing. Adkins said he continued to pray for the victims.

Witness to Tuesday morning nightclub shooting shares her story Source link Witness to Tuesday morning nightclub shooting shares her story

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