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Moab, UtahKSTU)-Police in Moab, Utah, released details of last month’s report on the missing woman Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie.

The case was described by police as a “mental health crisis” and was not prosecuted against either.

Police reported that the incident “had some sort of quarrel between men and women” near a convenience store in Moab at 4:30 pm on August 12. Police investigated the case as a chaotic act.

Witnesses reported that “I saw a man later identified as Brian Laundry and a woman later identified as Gabriel Petit arguing over the phone.” Witnesses also said: “

Moab police stopped the couple’s van in Arches National Park.

“Gabriel in the passenger seat was crying uncontrollably,” police officer Daniel Robins wrote in the report. According to Robins, Petit was in discussions with Brian that day and said he was “suffering from mental health.”

Officer Robins also spoke to him about Laundry, claiming they were “more than usual” and said their relationship was tense recently after “traveling together for the past four to five months.” .. Laundry also told police that both of them suffered from unspecified medical or emotional conditions.

“While discussing near Main Street, he tried to move away from her, so both of them were able to calm their emotions,” Robins wrote in a police report. “He got into their van and Gabriel was in a manic state. Brian said he went to slap him, thinking he was going to leave her in Moab without getting in.” When he started swinging, Brian pushed her away to avoid slap. “

Police said the laundry had some “small visible scratches.”

“After assessing the situation as a whole, I don’t think the situation has expanded to the level of domestic violence as much as the mental health crisis,” Robins wrote. Then I decided that the most appropriate course of action was to help separate the parties at night so that they could reset their mental state without interfering with each other. “

Another police officer, Eric Pratt, wrote that the couple “reported that they had fallen in love, were engaged in marriage and did not want to see anyone charged with the crime.”

Officer Robins said Petite took the van while Laundry was getting a hotel room that night.

“I instructed both Brian and Gabriel to take this time away to relax their emotions and regain control of their anxiety,” Robins wrote.

According to the report, police officers instructed Petit and Laundry to break up for the night and “regain control of anxiety.”

Petito was reported missing on September 11 when his mother failed to check in for several days. A Florida couple was on a road trip in a modified van around a national park.

A post on Petito Instagram shows that the couple was in Utah for several weeks. Petit’s last physical sighting was at a hotel in Salt Lake City, and the latest Instagram post was made on August 25 in Ogden, Utah. The pair then went to Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. He heard from her daughter.

Laundry returned alone to his home in North Port, Florida, on September 1, with the van the couple was traveling to.

Police did not blame Laundry for the crime, but named him an “interested person” because he did not work with investigators.

Gabby’s family reportedly organized a search team in Wyoming.

This story was first reported by Jack Helean on Fox13now.com.

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