WKSU To Launch New Music Podcast – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-17 11:54:00 –

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  • Shuffle producer Brittany Nader (left) and creator Amandara Kamandarawitz.

When the local media isn’t spending enough resources to cover the amazing local music scene in northeastern Ohio WKSU announced the release shuffle, A new weekly podcast, Thursday, June 24th.

“The podcast expands and deepens shuffleThrough lengthy interviews, detailed reports, and conversations with expert contributors, read the press release, “Working with Music and Artists in Northeast Ohio.”

Full Disclosure: This reporter will be one of the contributors.

The podcast releases a new episode every Thursday, shuffle Continue broadcasting on WKSU 89.7 every other Thursday Morning Edition And Taking everything into account.. The podcast released on the same day will be an expanded version of the broadcast.

Podcasts will be featured shuffle With creator Amanda Rabinowitz shuffle Producer Brittany Nader is a dynamic duo who acts as a host, journalist and commentator.

“There are a lot of incredibly talented and ambitious musicians in northeastern Ohio. Our music community is vibrant and pushing the boundaries every other week. shuffle The WKSU program could barely catch up with all the great new artists, ideas and stories, “Rabinowitz said in a press release. ” shuffle Podcasts take everything that’s happening in the music community and create a platform where you can interact directly with artists, listeners, and music viewers. ”

Rabinowitz and Nader, dedicated to promoting diversity, shuffle Podcast.

“There is a gap in the media and entertainment community when it comes to feature-length audio content featuring musicians in northeastern Ohio,” says Nader. ” shuffle Podcasts create a space for conversations about our music community — there’s so much energy and activity. ”

Other contributors are: Annie Nickoloff, arts and culture writer at Annie Zaleski, a Cleveland-based writer, editor and journalist. Larry Gargus, creator and host Bleach mouse postscript Music Podcast; Kenny Averiett, Akron-based music writer, booker on porch Rokr, co-manager of the Oakdale House venue. John Stursa, co-founder of I’m From Cleveland.

The· shuffle Podcasts will be available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.It will also be available at

The June 24th program will feature Cory Grinder and Playboy Scouts’ local singer-songwriter Cory Grinder.

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