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Riverside, California 2021-05-03 21:15:47 –

American Airlines passengers reportedly attacked two flight attendants after no trash was picked up.

In just four months of 2021, the number of previous air passenger cases that federal regulators describe as “out of control” has increased exponentially from what the Federal Aviation Administration saw in a normal year. ..what is that FAA spokesman told New York Daily News Comes on Monday and it stays below normal numbers due to air travel COVID-19 Pandemic..

In one recent case, after a woman was detained by an off-duty police officer on an airplane, Reportedly attacked a flight attendant He didn’t pick up her trash and the police insisted she didn’t do anything.

The FAA has received about 1,300 reports of uncontrollable passengers from airlines since February, a FAA spokesman told Daily News. About 260 of them have been identified as potential federal violations.

Since 1995, the agency has reported an average of 179 uncontrollable passengers annually, according to an online FAA database. There are 7 times more cases since February.

Multiple media outletsCiting criminal accusation, reports a woman flying from Miami to New York on American Airlines Sunday Leaving her seat and attacking the flight attendants, Slam the crew on the floor. The complaint allegedly said a 28-year-old passenger had hit a second flight attendant trying to intervene.

“The defendant told the victim,’The policeman does nothing to me,’ and then closed his fist and hit the victim, knocking them to the floor,” he said. According to WABC, the complaint was stated. “At some point during the quarrel, the defendant tried to pull up or remove the victim’s clothes.”

An off-duty New York City police officer on board reportedly responded and detained passengers during the second half of the flight. The woman was detained at JFK International Airport. The woman was reportedly released with travel restrictions of $ 15,000.

Due to multiple incidents in which some passengers confronted the crew FAA enacted Zero Tolerance, Zero Warning Policy in January.. As you often hear in pre-flight safety briefings, Failure to follow flight crew instructions violates code of federal regulations..

The incident is COVID-19 Pandemic Someday Passengers refused to wear face masks.. The FAA also noted that the number of cases increased during the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. But another issue recently quoted is passengers who drink their own alcohol that is not offered by the airline.

These numbers come because air travel remains dramatically lower than it was two years ago overall. According to the Transportation Security Administration, more than 1.6 million people were screened at US airport crossings on Sunday. This is 35% less than the number of airport travelers reported on the same Sunday in 2019.

FAA announced it was last week Seek a total fine of $ 63,000 for three unruly passengers I interrupted my flight, drank my alcohol not provided by the airline, and did not follow the instructions of the flight attendants. Two of the passengers were accused of attacking members of the flight crew.

Travis Pitman contributed to this report.

Woman accused of attacking flight crew for not picking up garbage Source link Woman accused of attacking flight crew for not picking up garbage

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