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Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WTMJ) – A woman in Wisconsin was accused of slowly poisoning a friend using eye drops over the counter.

37-year-old Jessy Kurczewski has been charged with murder and felony in connection with the death of a Pewaukee woman.

According to the criminal accusation, Mr. Kurchevski called the police home in October 2018, saying his friend was unconscious and not breathing.

Initially, investigators thought it was an overdose of the drug.

According to the complaint, Kurchevsky told investigators that he was caring for the woman and had “strange behavior” leading up to her death.

In January 2019, a toxicological examination revealed that a woman contained a lethal dose of tetrahydrozoline. This is the main ingredient found in common eye drops.

A few months later, Mr. Kurchevski asked a friend to bring a water bottle containing six visines and said he drank it. Kurczewski claimed to help his friends do what they wanted to do.

Kurczewski also allegedly transferred nearly $ 130,000 from the victim’s bank account to his account.

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Woman accused of eye drop murder Source link Woman accused of eye drop murder

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