Woman attacks pro-life protesters, throws used tampons – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2022-06-26 11:31:45 –

Memphis, Tennessee – Tensions arose among protesters outside the abortion clinic in the Memphis area on Friday afternoon.

Two abortion clinics in the Memphis region are preparing for a major shift in the South Central region in the coming days and weeks. The day was full of emotions on both sides of the Supreme Court’s ruling, especially in the planned parent-child relationship on Poplar Avenue.

Memphis police were on the scene for hours after a woman attacked a pro-life protester outside the Memphis abortion clinic. The video shows a woman attacking back in her car after the incident.

Protesters said the woman threw used tampons, shouting cursed words. She stole even one of the protesters’ hats.

The attacked man said he didn’t know what was going on, but said it was all part of the territory.

“She threw it at me, and I can still sniff it. Then she went back to the car and got a pot — it had more of the same in it. Went to the girls and was heading for them, but I instinctively blocked it, “he said. “I wanted to block it-I thought she would look back and leave-but she didn’t.”

Thankfully, no one was injured, but it was certainly a visualization of how strong emotions were in the country and in Memphis.

Woman attacks pro-life protesters, throws used tampons Source link Woman attacks pro-life protesters, throws used tampons

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