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Fresno, CA (KFSN)- Warning: Some details in this story may get in the way of some readers.

Authorities identified a woman killed in a hit-and-run incident in northwestern Fresno on Friday.

According to police, 29-year-old Monique Contreraz was pushing a shopping cart at the intersection of Hahndon and Milburn when he was attacked by 38-year-old Sean Ginder’s pickup truck, tying it to a leash and walking his dog.

Ginder is said to have continued to drive as the Contreras remained trapped under the truck.

She was dragged eight miles until the suspect left her in the Laquintine parking lot.

Authorities have launched a manhunt that straddles the county boundaries.

On Friday afternoon, authorities found a pickup truck in an apartment complex near Fig Garden Loop.

This helped them trace it to Ginder and connect to the address in Madera County.

Police say he jumped out of a window on the third floor and was seriously injured while preparing to instruct Ginder to leave his house in Madera County.

He is currently listed in a very dangerous situation at the Community Community Health Center.

When he is treated, he is booked at Fresno County Prison.

Officials say the Contreras were experiencing the homeless.

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Woman killed in northwest Fresno hit-and-run identified Source link Woman killed in northwest Fresno hit-and-run identified

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