Woman receives sentencing over involvement in the murder of Wichita couple – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-11-29 18:21:25 –

Great Bend, Kansas (KSNW) — Kimberly Stacy Younger, a 57-year-old carnival worker from Texas, was sentenced today in the Barton County District Court. Murder of Wichita couple..

The young man was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole and was sentenced to 254 months in custody by the Kansas Corrections Bureau.

Alfred “Sonny” Carpenter and Pauline Carpenter disappeared from the Burton County Fair in 2018 when they were vendors. Their bodies were found in a shallow tomb in the Ozark National Forest in the summer of 2018. Investigators believe they were killed in Barton County and then driven to Arkansas. Young is one of several Kearneys arrested for the murder of a couple.

July 2019Rusty Lee Fraser, 36, of Texas, has pleaded guilty to two charges of one planned murder. Thomas Donald Drake, 32, of Arkansas, pleaded guilty to blocking the arrest.

Then, in May 2019, Christine M. Tenney, 39, of Texas, pleaded guilty to the exacerbation of the robbery and the obstruction of concerns about the incident. Finally, Florida’s Michael Fowler, Jr., 54, pleaded guilty to two single murders and one theft in this case.

A young man appeared in court December 2019 Submit testimony. Fowler agreed to testify.

In his testimony, he stated that Younger planned his death as a sign to join a fake group called the “Carnival Mafia.” He was very emotional when he explained exactly how they killed and hid the corpse.

Investigators say Younger disguised himself as a carnival worker named “Frank Zaitchik” and sent a text message to others to kill the couple.

When Fowler left the courtroom, he said to the couple’s daughter, “I’m sorry.”

Arkansas law enforcement agencies testified that they had found the body in the Ozark National Forest. They said they had repeatedly asked if Younger had found a gun. She later stated that the murder weapon was in her bag. Law enforcement agencies later recovered the Ruger 9mm owned by Fowler.

The couple’s daughter said she sells jewelry and crafts at various trade fairs as her parents were scheduled to retire in the summer of 2018. Fowler said this made them such an “easy target”.

The judge then said there was ample evidence Send Younger to trial.

September 2021Younger was found guilty of murdering the capital, plotting a first-class murder, soliciting a first-class murder, and stealing.

Woman receives sentencing over involvement in the murder of Wichita couple Source link Woman receives sentencing over involvement in the murder of Wichita couple

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