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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – A woman is behind the bar accused of stealing a $ 500,000 home in the Four Hills district of Albuquerque after the death of a homeowner. KRQE News 13 spoke with a neighbor who said that when women moved in, there was an increase in criminal and suspected activity.

“There are definitely people who don’t belong there,” said a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. “Present fake documents to stay in the house or drive people away.” People living in this neighborhood in the Four Hills area show their faces and use their names for safety. I don’t want to do it.

They refer to Lucia Lewis, 35, who call her and the others living in the house “professional squatters.”

“They definitely seem to be interspersed with their I’s and crossing their T’s,” said another anonymous neighbor. Neighbors said people were in and out of the house for months after the owner died. According to the document, the convicted serious offender Lewis cited his home as the address for probation. So, when she violated her probation about a week ago, a policeman visited her, and it was when a neighbor said police Lewis and others inside were not allowed to be there. is.

According to the document, Lewis showed the officer a “lease agreement”, renting real estate from the daughter of the former owner whose signature was written on paper, and withdrawing a quick claim deed to transfer ownership of the house to Lewis. rice field. Investigators discovered that Lewis had submitted the certificate to the county, and fraudulent documents showed that the owner had signed Lewis a $ 500,000 home for just $ 1.

But the daughter of the former owner told the investigator that it was all a lie. She told them that she had not signed a rental or certificate agreement with anyone and that no one had permission to live in the house. Neighbors said this was just the beginning of what was happening at home.

Neighbors’ surveillance video caught someone screaming “help” running out of the house in question on the night of July 31st. “I can’t breathe,” said one in a surveillance video. “I understand that companion,” another person said in a surveillance video. It’s unclear who is talking in the video, but the next morning a neighbor found the body of 34-year-old Samuel Hernandez just 100 feet from the house.

“This isn’t just a homeless element, but there’s definitely a criminal element that’s happening, it’s obvious,” said the neighbor. “You can feel what’s happening over there. There’s no Kosher at all.” Neighbors are now considering hiring their own private security guards to patrol the area. said.

Lewis, who also attends Lucia Candelaria and Lucia Martinez, has a criminal record of car theft and shoplifting. In this case, she has been charged with counterfeiting and fraud. Police are still investigating Hernandez’s death.

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