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Woman suing former rehab CEO sits down with I-Team – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-25 02:21:24 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – The woman behind the sexual harassment proceedings against the former CEO of Cross Roads in southern Nevada and the co-founder of Vegas Stronger sat down with Team I to discuss the allegations.

A woman who speaks anonymously to protect her identity and goes by the fictitious name “Gahyne Doahe” to protect her identity explained to Team I why she decided to move forward.

“I don’t want other girls to experience the brutal torture I’ve endured every day for nearly two months,” she said.

Marlon was the CEO of Cross Roads in southern Nevada. On Tuesday, the Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Center announced that one of the other founders, Jeffrey Iverson, would serve as interim CEO. This statement further reiterates the Center’s Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy and community commitments.

“Immediately in effect, Dave Marlon will resign as CEO of Cross Roads in southern Nevada, a drug and alcoholism treatment center. One of the founders, Jeffrey Iverson. Interim CEO. We are Zero. We have a tolerance harassment policy and continue to provide a safe environment for our employees. We are the public, the county, and the key people that all our valued partners serve in our community. We want to be able to expect the same level of service and care for our customers. ”

Intersection in southern Nevada

On November 15, a woman filed a proceeding against Marlon alleging sexual assault / assault, assault, imprisonment, negligence, infringement of mental distress, and negligence, training, employment, or detention. ..

“Mentally, I have a nightmare about what it’s doing to me,” she told Team I.

The ex-employee named the complaint with a fictitious name, “Gahyne Doahe.” She claims to be a former patient at Cross Roads and later hired by Marlon as his personal assistant. “Doahe” said she provided her with an annual salary of $ 60,000 paid by a Vegas Strong nonprofit salary, despite most of the documents reflecting that Marlon was an employee of Cross Roads in southern Nevada. say.

According to Doahe’s complaint, Marlon’s sexual progress began as early as mid-April on the first day of work.

“At the end of the day, I received a text saying that I finally avoided being raped cruelly on the first day of work,” she said. When asked what came to her mind, she said, “I lost my apartment and three dogs, I have no place to stay, live, eat, or put up with unpleasant text messages. There is a possibility of doing it. “

But she says Marlon’s actions have escalated. She demands what kind of clothes Marlon should wear and claims to refund it to her. She also claims that he told her to “take on that position,” and then he would hit her first with his hand and then with an object. She says Marlon forced her to take extreme steps to hide his infidelity from his wife. She claims that Marlon told her to draft a contract stating that if she wanted to stop the relationship, they would just have a working relationship. She also claims that Marlon raped her, beat her and choked her.

“When I start saying no, and when I know you move, flinch, and cry, he makes him more angry, I get more punishment, and it ends up being rape. It led to, “she said.

She claims that three violent sexual assaults led to her decision to resign. “I decided to be homeless rather than put up with it anymore. Why would it be worse? But it would be,” she told Team I.

After filing a police report and a complaint to the EEOC, “Doahe” claims that Marlon continued to threaten her, and others are aware of Marlon’s actions and what is it to stop or protect him? Say it didn’t. The proceedings also accuse John Seeland, CEO and COO of the Las Vegas Recovery Center and Deputy Director of Human Resources at Cross Roads, for ignoring the harassment complaints against Marlon.

The proceedings seek David Marlon and John Sealand, and the nominated company will pay unspecified compensatory, disciplinary, and emotional damages determined by the proceedings.

Team I tried to reach Seeland, but there was no response.

In a statement to Marlon’s lawyer, Team I, Dominic Gentile calls this “a work of fiction full of false allegations.”

“It’s a work of fiction, perhaps in a false allegation, set in a sneaky story that only she intended to undermine David Marlon’s reputation as a leader in the treatment of addiction by someone who sticks to herself. It’s full. We blame it in court, proving that false evidence and who made her stand on it. “

Statement from Dominic Salvator

Marlon filed a proceeding against a former employee on November 14NS.. According to the Clark County District Court website, the court documents are sealed.

Attorney Jenny Foley represents “Dohe”.

“This man has a reputation for being warm and compassionate and just wanting to resolve the crisis and reach out to people, while her experience is that she was brutal,” Foley said. I did.

The I-Team contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and asked for a copy of the report submitted by “Doahe.” The department did not confirm or reject the investigation.

Marlon has become an advocate for drug and alcohol treatment both in southern Nevada and across the country. According to the A & E website, he is in the cast of shows and interventions.

Marlon failed to bid for a seat in the Las Vegas City Council in 2019. He frequently appears on television and participates in community events.

On Friday, the Nevada Donor Network announced that Marlon is no longer the leader of the organization.

“From November 23, 2021, David Marlon has resigned from the Board of Directors of the Nevada Donner Network Foundation and the Board of Directors of the Nevada Donner Network.”

Nevada Donor Network Foundation Statement

Marlon has previously faced a complaint. In 2012, his ex-wife was given a restraint order against him due to domestic violence. In 2015, she claimed he had attacked and threatened her. Two years later, Marlon claimed she threatened him.

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