Woman’s purse stolen from car in Downtown Tulsa – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Tulsa, Oklahoma-A woman in Tulsa has her wallet stolen from her car in downtown Tulsa. Now she is vigilant and warns others not to leave valuables behind.

The theft took place on Sunday, November 28th.

Surveillance cameras photographed a person who broke a car window and took off with a wallet. Now she wants the evidence to help the police track down the person.

The video shows an individual walking towards a car parked along the third and downtown Frankfort. The person hits the window three times, then pauses for a few seconds and then completely breaks it to get the wallet.

“Downtown Tulsa has become pretty great. There are a lot of great people here. Many things are happening here, but people see you even if you think they aren’t. Also note that you may be hiding your wallet, you probably aren’t. “

Amber Whittington works as a waitress at a nearby restaurant. That night she was just off the shift of work.

“I was going to walk around downtown, so I came out to put my wallet in my car. I didn’t want to have a lot of cash, so I thought I was smart and had my wallet in my car. I hid it and left it with my colleague, “said Whittington.

In just a few minutes, her wallet was gone, and with over $ 300 in cash, she wasn’t trying to save money to give her kids a special Christmas.

“I’m a single mom with four kids, so it’s a little difficult to give four kids a great Christmas, so I’ve done a lot of doubles and made it happen,” Whitington said. rice field.

The most painful thing she loses is the irreplaceable item in it that retains its sentimental value.

“There was a rock there that my best friend who died at COVID last year jokingly gave me. He said, you know, keep this forever, always cherish it, I I put it in my wallet, and I didn’t think about it. It’s been almost a year since his death anniversary, and that’s something I can’t get back, “Wittington said. ..

She shares her story in the hope that it will help someone identify who did it and remind others to always be attentive to their surroundings.

“At that moment I felt pretty dangerous. Someone just broke in and robbed you of what you worked hard on,” Whitington said.

She appeared with surprise the next day when one of Wittington’s customers learned about the theft.

“She came the other day to make sure I was working and brought a brand new wallet that actually had a good karma bracelet and some cash in her pocket. It’s very nice and very Unexpectedly, it definitely regained trust in humanity, “Wittington said.

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