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Women claim off-duty Tucson officer used needless force – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Tucson, Arizona — Tucson Police Station Investigating the incident It involved an off-duty police officer who happened in the parking lot of a restaurant this month.

On November 14, an off-duty officer was involved in an incident with another individual outside of the Culinary Dropout in Arizona City. According to the agency, the incident involved physical contact between the police and other individuals, during which the police attempted to drop and detain the two women.

The three women say that off-duty police officers used unnecessary force against them. They are laying the groundwork for the proceedings.

An officer’s lawyer says the woman ignited the conflict. One of them has been charged with chaotic behavior.

Michelle Aloisi, 62, and her daughters Britney Aloisi and Nicole Whitdo went to a restaurant about two weeks ago on Sunday morning after being angry with the driver walking slowly. It is said that he arrived at the parking lot of. parking.

Michelle says she has a leg problem that slows her down. They say the man got off his truck and his chest hit Britney and dropped her. Her mother tried to help.

“My instinct was to protect my child and help her, so I went behind him and started pulling his shirt. I knew I couldn’t just lift him physically. I was, but I thought I could get him to understand what he was doing, and then what you know is that he grabbed the back of my hair , Turned me over on Britney, “Michelle said.

When they tried to call the police, the man said he was a policeman. He is Robert Serevsky, a Tucson police officer.

The women say the policeman put his knees on her throat while Britney fell.

Officer’s lawyer Mike Story says the man’s knee was in the woman’s throat for a moment, and the woman approached the officer’s truck, escalating the conflict and hitting her chest.

The lawyer said, “It’s an assault. These are assaults and I don’t know where to go from there. Everyone has a high hindsight of 20-20, oh,” she just hit him. Let’s, and that would have been the end of it. “How does he know? It’s a group of people approaching him. “

The story says the surveillance video from the restaurant will support the police officer’s explanation of what happened. The women say they did nothing to trigger the event. They want police officers to leave the street, and their lawyers are preparing to send that much formal request to the city of Tucson.

Tucson police investigate cases involving off-duty police officers at restaurants

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus issued a statement on Sunday, it reads:

We thank the video of this case for raising concerns, but allow us to comply with the legal requirements of due process and complete both criminal and administrative investigations before a decision is made and further action is taken. Is important. The department keeps its members at high standards, both on-duty and off-duty, and considers this issue in the light of these standards.

The bureau is conducting an administrative investigation into the case. “Mobile video, other video footage, and witness statements are considered part of both criminal and administrative investigations,” the agency said.

The Pima County Law Firm will also review the case and decide whether to file a criminal accusation requested by the Tucson police.

This story was originally published by KGUN’s Craig Smith and Maria Arey.

Women claim off-duty Tucson officer used needless force Source link Women claim off-duty Tucson officer used needless force

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