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Riverside, California 2021-09-22 07:11:43 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Colored women often face more challenges as they seek their careers.

As a result, cultural leadership groups are strengthening and providing resources that may not be available elsewhere.

The Latina Leadership Institute was founded by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

It’s just one of many programs across the country that offers classes on how to be professionally successful, how to build a small business, and how to run for an office.

Members say such groups are important not only to provide women with table seats, but also to create a safe space for networking and learning.

“Often, society tells us that we are too much in many ways, our voice is too loud, or our manners are too much,” said Tiffany, a cohort member of the Latina Leadership Institute. Galvan says. “Therefore, putting together a safe space for Latina women and black and brown women is very important because it provides a safe space for you to recognize that you are not alone.”

Some of the classes specific to this program include learning how to raise money, run a campaign, and even apply for a position in the White House.

Other programs include training from simple things like goal setting to complex things like fairness and inclusiveness.

“These skills are useful not only for individuals but also for communities,” says Galvan.

Cultural leadership groups in several other countries include the new Leaders Council and Pete Garcia Fellowship.

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Women of color can learn, network to advance careers Source link Women of color can learn, network to advance careers

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