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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2022-06-20 13:27:15 –

Robin Evans is a National Rifle Association instructor who teaches firearm training and self-defense classes for women.

Last year she trained more than 1,500 women and gained confidence in their weapons handling. Evans wants to show women how to become first responders.

“No one in the industry looked like me. I didn’t know black or female instructors,” Evans said.

Evans is based in Green Building Chick with a triggerA booming self-defense course for women who want to learn to get safety with their own hands.

Growing up, Evans’ father was in law enforcement and taught her the importance of self-defense from an early age.

“My first gun was the revolver he gave me. He told me to go learn how to use it. He taught me how to do it. I’m in range. I went and practiced all the time, then I decided to make it a business, “Evans said.

Frightened by stories of domestic violence, sexual trafficking and violence against women, Evans’ full-time business was born in 2021. She says most of her clients are black women.

“Greenville County, where I live, is ranked third in the state for sex trafficking. It doesn’t work for me, so I’m here to help women level the arena. There is absolutely nothing like a gun that leveles the arena between a 120-pound woman and a 300-pound man, “Evans said.

Evans has developed a safe space, providing “Ladies Night” group classes and one-on-one instruction, creating a comfortable and safe environment for women to learn, ask questions and share stories.

“I don’t have many women who come” just for a reason. ” Because they are afraid of crime and violence as well as domestic violence, “Evans said.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, gun sales to black Americans increased 58% in 2020. In the first quarter of 2021, 90% of gun retailers reported an increase in black customers, according to another report by the same group. 87% increase among black women.

Also, according to the FBI, anti-black hate crimes increased by nearly 40% in 2020.

“Because police officers don’t always get there on time, start getting your safety,” Evans said.

Evans also says that getting permission is not enough. You must study the law of your state and practice to feel comfortable.

She travels to South Carolina and trains women. Her advice for beginners is to find a qualified instructor that you can trust and relate to. She says you have to feel comfortable about who is training you.

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Women of color fastest-growing group of new gun owners Source link Women of color fastest-growing group of new gun owners

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