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“Women’s Fragment” is a midwife talking about the birth scene

In movies, childbirth is usually an emergency. It starts when a woman’s water breaks at the worst moment. She seems to have barely given birth, but she still rushes through traffic jams to the hospital. There she gets angry and the pain is her husband’s fault. She yells at him, perhaps hurt him and orders him to undergo a vasectomy. Then she begs for epidural anesthesia, but for some reason she can’t have it. After four minutes of intense screaming, she handed her something like Gerber’s baby.

Recent Netflix movie “Pieces of a woman, ”Features Oscar-nominated performances Vanessa KirbyTry to overturn this story in the naturalistic family birth scene, which makes up almost a quarter of the movie. The extended sequence, which ultimately has tragic consequences, made the midwife talk. In particular, movies and television can have a profound effect on the expectations of couples who have never had a baby. In a handful of interviews, midwives across the country praised the naturalistic birth as a new frontier of screen depiction, even though some details argued that they did not reach the fully empowered experience. Did.

When the labor scene begins, Martha (Kirby) is leaning against the stove and her uterine contractions are intensifying. Her partner, Sean, played by Shia LaBeouf, runs around her and repeatedly asks if she wants water. They eventually move to the living room, where he hugs her on her lap. “I think I might throw it,” she says with belching and nausea.

San Francisco midwife nurse practitioner Hannah Epstein said what surprised her in this scene was the omission of many other films. She said some patients were worried that they might not know when they were giving birth, while others thought that delivery was fully promoted. “Pieces of a Woman” helped to correct these misconceptions. “It was a good early depiction of that unpleasant and unpleasant emotional labor,” she said, saying that nausea and vomiting in labor are also very common.

“Women’s Fragment” is a midwife talking about the birth scene

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