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As urban land expands, pavements, roofs, and other heat-absorbing surface concrete jungles can increase summer temperatures by an average of 0.5-0.7 degrees Celsius and, in some cases, 3 degrees Celsius. .. 2019 study Published in the Environmental Research Letters Journal. This is a phenomenon known as the “heat island effect”.

In cities such as Milan, condominium balconies and high-rise façades are used to mitigate global warming. Vast vertical gardenA dense stack of plants helps keep the building cool by creating a natural shade and releasing moisture into the air, says Theodore Endreny, a professor of environmental resource engineering at the State University of New York, Environmental Science and Forestry. I will. Compact foliage enhances the natural benefits of trees and plants when planted on sidewalks and roofs, such as pollution removal, carbon dioxide isolation, and oxygen production.

A crew of urban tree doctors certified as tree climbers are hired to rappel buildings and sprout into more buildings to maintain these ecosystems, says Dr. Endreny. They need to have a horticultural background to prun and replant trees as needed, and to identify and control pests, he says.

Environmental engineers can join these teams to monitor the impact of urban pollution on vegetation and ensure optimal service is provided. “It’s definitely going to be a circus-like show,” says Dr. Endreny.

Cooling consultant


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According to the report, when the temperature of the earth rises, more people will operate the air conditioner during the heat wave, which will put a burden on the power grid and may raise the electricity bill. 2018 report According to the International Energy Agency. According to, taxed power systems fail more often and people can remain trapped indoors in extreme heat. Recent research Published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Join a cooling expert. Using sensors and advanced software, we offer a customized bundle of high-tech and low-tech services to assess your home’s energy footprint, reduce power costs and make cooling more efficient, and sustainable. Bryan Dean, Head of Energy Efficiency and Cooling, says all are UN-backed groups advocating energy transitions. Energy consultants already offer these services in commercial real estate, but no residential specialists tend to have lower cooling costs, says SkyCool Systems, a California-based startup that develops air conditioning systems. Eli Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, says. ..

When sizing a house, experts plant trees to create a natural shade, install blinds outside to block the sun’s heat, take in fresh air, and use reflective paint to add more heat. Dean says he may recommend blocking it. They need to have a degree in technology and be accredited to carry out energy audits. “I didn’t just come to sell the air conditioner,” he says.


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Ghost server

When the dining room is closed during a pandemic Even fine restaurants accept takeaway and delivery, Sending elaborate spreads to dinner homes. Meanwhile, according to research firm Euromonitor International, ghost kitchens, or app-enabled restaurants dedicated to delivery, are projected to reach a $ 1 trillion market over the next decade.

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What about customers who miss candlelit cloth-covered tables and servers they know their names? Scott Landers, co-founder of New York-based restaurant consulting firm Figure 8 Logistics. “It hasn’t been reflected in the delivery experience yet,” he said.

In the future, patrons ordering from the ghost kitchen will be able to have a trained server come home, pick up the drone at the door, prepare a table and wait for them as the restaurant staff does. That’s going to happen, Landers said. Employees who are particular about this detail must have experience working in catering and be able to operate without a manager. Extensive background checks may be required. “This is not a typical delivery driver like you,” he says.

Autonomous Shuttle Attendant


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Even if self-driving cars begin to redefine urban mobility, the presence of people in the car can reassure passengers who find it uncomfortable to ride alone in an unmanned vehicle.

“We don’t like being seen only on CCTV,” says Marcus Enoch, a professor of transportation strategy at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

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Mass transportation also needs to be adapted to accommodate the growing elderly population. Vehicles such as self-driving buses can have trained crew members to assist the elderly and disabled, said Sarah Kaufman, deputy director of the Ludin Transportation Center at New York University. These employees can be aware of health emergencies, including stroke, and provide medical care. “Human beings are important to having someone who can communicate with this population,” says Kaufman.

According to her, some crew members act as security guards at night and warn transportation in the event of mechanical problems. Others can help carry passenger food carts and bags from autonomous shuttles to robotic taxis and drones, Dr. Enoch says.


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Charging station bullet

Drivers must learn to navigate the new infrastructure as electric vehicles begin to replace gasoline vehicles and electric plugs replace gas stations.

These changes will spur industry growth with a focus on: Providing charging-related services to usersSaid Bryan Reimer, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Transport and Logistics Center. Car owners and local governments need to hire trained electricians with mechanical skills to install, maintain and repair private and public charging stations, he says.

Ms. Kaufman of NYU states that a valet at a public charging station can assist a driver like a clerk at a gas station today. Car owners who choose to replace the battery and charge the car can get a subscription to have their employees go to the parking lot to replace it, she says.

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