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Work to continue with Green Crescent Trail project,$200,000 grant helps with construction – Valley Stream, New York

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Clemson, South Carolina (WSPA) – If you live in the Clemson area, bring your bike and walking shoes. A $ 200,000 grant awarded by the South Carolina State House will allow you to continue working on the Green Crescent Trail System.

Phase 1 is a $ 600,000 project. Other than $ 200,000, the remaining $ 600,000 of the project will come from the city of Clemson, according to Chad Carson, one of the founding committee members of the Friends of the Green Crescent Trail.

“I’m a member of the community. I live here in Clemson and I was just frustrated. I took my kids in a stroller across the street and went to a local park about a quarter mile away from my house. I was trying to do it, but I was almost run over by a truck because I didn’t have a good pedestrian crossing or pedestrian crossing, “Carson said. “So our group, hey, who is working on this? Can we improve this? Since no one was actually working on it, we got together and Swan Prabbit I started trying to find a way to duplicate some of what I saw on the trail and other trails. ”

Carson and others in the community have begun to move steadily with the construction that began earlier this year. They have been planning for the last five years.

Phase 1 began at Clemson Park, where a quarter-mile loop began. A quarter mile is also located near the Berkeley Drive pedestrian bridge. According to Carson, the city of Clemson also spent about $ 150,000 on loop trails and about $ 1.7 million on bridges.

“This is a loop trail that we were able to build earlier this year with a grant. It will be in the center of the trail for about a mile and a half or two miles, behind Gateway Park, and will almost connect to Clemson University on Highway 93 alone. , We plan to connect to a pedestrian bridge right next to Clemson Elementary School, “Carson said. And since the university actually agrees with this, you can go to Clemson Park, and these areas around here, the Clemson campus. Therefore, it will be able to connect to the botanical garden. The botanical garden will also be a hub for green crescent-shaped trails where people can park and roam, “he said.

“The trail will be a 12-foot wide cement greenway, wide sidewalks, and street-neighborhood paths depending on the section of the trail,” Carson said.

“It’s here. It’s very friendly. You can leave the house, take it on the trail, and return to its original location as long as you’re connected,” said Vivek Sharma, a resident of Clemson. .. “We use it to go to school. And now we have trails that are connected to this trail in our neighborhood, so they are all interconnected and you are out big You can make a circle and come back. It’s a good workout for everyone. “

Organizers hope that within the next decade, this will be a 25-mile trail through Central and Pendleton.

“We’re trying to make it a regional network. That is, we’re talking to the people of Anderson County, Oconee County, so in the end, the big dream is that there are trails here in Clemson and Central. There’s the Swan Prabbit Trail. There’s the Doodle Trail. There’s the Oconee and Anderson Trails. This might be like a community initiative that people here can visit. People visit here and bike. You can ride and walk around. We know that northern South Carolina is the place to go for outdoor recreation, “says Carson.

Carson also believes that it will bring a lot of money to the region.

“We are a town that is touring with games seven times a year. It’s 100,000 people in the town, but what about the rest of the year? Why people come here and move outdoors is here It’s a great way to get people here, not just the people who live there, “Carson said. “Therefore, this trail system is also for the economic development and vitality of the town’s SMEs.”

Sharma said he was pleased that this trail was in his backyard.

“I think this is not only a good template for other cities to follow, but it will also jump-start some of the developers on this side,” Sharma said.

Carson believes this phase of the trail will take place in early 2022. He also said that the town of Central has already been funded for Phase 1, but construction has not begun. Overall, the group is looking for more funding for large projects.

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Work to continue with Green Crescent Trail project,$200,000 grant helps with construction Source link Work to continue with Green Crescent Trail project,$200,000 grant helps with construction

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