Work week starts hot, turns cooler with rain possible – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-26 18:47:46 –

Today, a warm front has risen throughout the state, causing a surge in southwesterly winds. This changed the summer temperatures, ended the weekend, and began weekly work in the 90s.

Fire alarms have been issued to slivers in the county south of central and southwestern Kansas to Oklahoma. Wildfires are a concern until evening because the conditions are dry, windy and warm.

The wind is a gust and remains rising until Monday sunset. Today, gusts of 35-45 mph were common.

Monday is still a gust, but not as strong as it is today. The sky is clear for now, but cloud cover will increase overall from the southwest later tonight.

These clouds are a prelude to this week’s unstable stretch. There can be one or two showers west on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Coverage is uneven at best. As the main part of the storm system approaches our area, we will see clouds pass through the area mixed with the sun’s rays. It will be cooler on Tuesdays, but it will still be warm out of season.

The stronger energy increases the likelihood of rain from Tuesday night to Wednesday. Central and eastern communities should be able to consume more water than the western points. The southwest corner may be deprived of the possibility of higher rainfall.

When a storm is released into the Central Plateau, showers and thunderstorms are more likely to occur from Wednesday to early Thursday morning. Again, the southwestern counties may seem to be the least, but it depends on the trajectory of the system.

In the central county, you may see the possibility of rainfall from 1 inch to 2 inches, and perhaps even more. It’s rare to write a house a quarter to a half inch southwest to the northwest, but it all depends on the truck.

Behind this system, cold air works as the wind switches from northwest, causing temperatures to drop northwest in the late 40s and late 50s on Wednesday night. This is a domino effect that lowers Thursday’s daytime highs to the refreshing 60’s and 70’s. The remaining cloud cover also affects this cooling process.

This drop in temperature is carried over to the rest of the week and the next weekend with a mixture of sun and clouds. One of the questions when considering model guidance is how progressive this weekend’s cold front is for us. If it is progressive, it will push our rain chances east. If it is locked, our rain potential may remain next weekend. Something to watch carefully.

– Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman

Work week starts hot, turns cooler with rain possible Source link Work week starts hot, turns cooler with rain possible

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