Workhorse sues USPS for over $ 6 billion in Oshkosh Mail Truck transactions

  • If you think of a 7 year search New US Postal Service postal truck It’s over, think again.
  • There are three companies bidding on large contracts, one of which Hard workerNow, the court says it needs to investigate whether the deal was fair and whether the government did not seriously consider all its electrical options, including the workhorse prototype above.
  • Given the confidentiality of contract bids and other non-disclosure agreements, the disclosure details remain a bit vague.

    In February, the United States Postal Service was awarded transaction Up to 165,000 new postal trucks worth up to $ 6 billion for Oshkosh, a defense industry contractor. Searching for a new delivery vehicle took about 7 years. A lot of delight came when the internet knew what a quirky new van would look like. But not everyone is happy.

    Formerly known as Amp Electric Vehicles, Workhorse was one of two other contractors who bid on the USPS contract (the other was Karsan).This week, Workhorse, especially mail carriers, have Workhorse electric cars Grumman “Long-life car” It is common to deliver emails today.

    The Workhorse proceedings (a version visible to the general public anyway) are ambiguous. The company said revealing all contract information would reveal details about the company’s EVs that would help bids on contracts and competitors.Issued by Workhorse in parallel with submission to court Media statement A representative of Workhorse said he would meet with the USPS in early March to “discuss details of the awards and the USPS selection process,” but said the details of the meeting were “not disclosed at this time.”

    Nevertheless, we can feel what the problem is based on the anonymous source we spoke to. Washington post, And it all seems to have fallen to the level of electrification that the USPS is really interested in. The February announcement included words about EVs, but also revealed that gas-powered postal trucks are still part of the USPS.Hard-working insider said Position They believe the USPS did not seriously consider the workhorse bid. One of the reasons is that it relies heavily on electric vehicles.

    After Oshkosh’s announcement, US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said that only about 10 percent of the trucks purchased by the post office would be electrified. Workhorse is seeking a temporary injunction from the court to suspend Oshkosh’s postal truck procurement process until the decision is reviewed. It is also reported that the USPS claims that it did not fully evaluate all electric prototypes from Oshkosh.

    “The claim is basically that [the Postal Service] I have no plans to seriously consider Workhorse and put my thumb on the scale to make a choice against Workhorse. ” Position.. The USPS and Oshkosh did not comment on the proceedings, and Workhorse said, “We are currently unable to provide further information on this issue, but if appropriate, allow it under a non-disclosure agreement as part of the USPS. If so, we will provide updates. ” [Next-Generation Delivery Vehicle] program. “

    In another example, Oskhosh states that the ability to replace the gas-powered powertrain of a new truck with an all-electric version is a selling point of the USPS. It told the SEC Last November, this is basically an amateur electric car. “We continue to look for options that offer more propulsion options for low-emission products such as electric vehicles and mobile devices, which may require additional funding. There is a risk that competitors may respond to these pressures in a way that gives them a competitive advantage in terms of R & D and implementation costs, “the company wrote at the time.

    Whatever trucks the USPS buys to replace the current fleet, they will be a major upgrade. All LLVs in use today were manufactured between 1987 and 1994 and were scheduled to be discontinued after up to 24 years. All trucks are older at this point, but mail carriers may need to drive them a few more miles before new trucks arrive.

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Workhorse sues USPS for over $ 6 billion in Oshkosh Mail Truck transactions

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