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World Ocean Day is in the spotlight of the aquarium – NBC Los Angeles – Long Beach, California

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What you need to know

  • Tuesday, June 8
  • Long Beach Aquarium Features 12 Hours Live Stream on TikTok
  • Dive under the waves, visit the Tropical Reef Habitat, observe penguins care and feeding, and learn about sharks

Do you want to stop sharks at sea to ask some simple questions?

Starting with the fact that sharks have a laser-focused plan and you are likely to have your own plan, for some reason it will never happen.

Spend an hour with sea lions visible from the beach or cliffs? Again, it demands a lot. They have diving and other sea lion-like errands. You should not interrupt their flow as a land thief.

But the good news: aquariums fill the gaps in our knowledge, connect us with fantastic creatures like fins that rock the gggs we love, and humans understand big water in smaller ways. Here’s a great trick to be able to-scale.

Celebrated by aquariums in the Pacific Ocean and aquatic facilities far beyond the aquarium’s Long Beach base, World Oceans Day reveals the most pressing problems of Delightful Deep for those of us who don’t live under the waves. It became known.

And that Pacific aquarium Half a day on June 8th, it will illuminate the light again. In other words World Oceans Day.

Everything starts at 7am with TikTok. Here, a penguin-like perfect coral reef programming takes place for 12 hours.

A visit to the aquarium’s Tropical Reef Habitat is also planned, and you’ll also have the chance to see the zookeeper feed the adorable penguins at your destination.

Oh yeah, the “swelling” sea jelly can also be a cameo of a truly cosmic nature.

Online classes are also scattered on the June 8th schedule. This includes the Draw With Us class, an art fan event created for kindergarten and older children (up to 5th grade).

What if you would like to visit the aquarium directly on World Ocean Day? Both indoor and outdoor areas are open to visitors, but please ensure admission in advance.

If you want to check out hilarious otters, sleek sharks, and stunning ocean-related shows at home, you can watch a virtual to-do bye-bye for free.

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