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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — For World War II veterans, age can deprive them of their sense of freedom, but special programs help veterans feel free to fly.

The old biplanes entering and leaving Ryan Airfield on Tuesday are World War II veterans. A man who is a veteran of the war is flying to honor their service.

This particular steerman trainer Many of these men first flew in 1942, almost as soon as they went to war.

At about 95 years old, Max Davis recalled, “During World War II, I wasn’t sure if I would go home, but I thanked God and thanked God.” ..

Max Davis worked for the United States Coast Guard. Not as much attention as the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, but tough and dangerous missions such as hunting Japanese and German submarines and maneuvering landing craft that take soldiers and Marines to the invading beach. I played.

Finding a Japanese submarine was Max Davis’s job, and at sonar I heard them sink them before sinking him and his sailors.

“We did whatever was asked for. If my country was asked by me, I would like to do it again.”

To thank the veterans An organization called Dream Flight Ease veterans to old Stearmans, crank up and roll out powerful engines to give veterinarians the freedom to fly in the open-air cockpit.

Leo Fisher, 102, is now retired in Splendid. He continued to fly P-38 fighters in World War II, but he himself did not. He was a mechanic doing everything he could to help the plane get the pilot home safely.

He said, “I have never lost a pilot. I have never lost an airplane in battle.”

He says the flight was wonderfully smooth.

Max Davis said he enjoyed the flight, although he was a little worried at first that the cockpit was open. After all, he did much more dangerous than boarding a well-established aircraft.

He is worried that Americans may not understand the dangers his generation faced to secure the world we live in today.

“They don’t understand. Sometimes I have the opportunity to ask them,” What do you think your life would be like if we, World War II veterinarians, lost the war? ” They start thinking. “

At the end of the flight, veterans add a signature to the tail of the plane and add a small mark to help remember the significant impact of the service.


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