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Portland, Oregon 2021-05-01 00:35:37 –

The overview shows the 516-meter-long, 175-meter-high, world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, the 516 Arouca Bridge, located in Arouca, northern Portugal, on April 29, 2021. (Photo courtesy of CARLOS COSTA / AFP) (Photo courtesy of CARLOS COSTA / AFP via Getty Images)

Arouca, Portugal (WCMH) — On Thursday, Portugal’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opened.

The· 516 Arouca Bridge It extends about a third mile above the Paiba River in the Arouca Geopark in northern Portugal, with steel cables and two huge towers on either side. Reuters..

Crossing the bridge is not for the timid. You can see a little wobble at each step, from the metal grid walkway to the river below.

Reuters It is reported that the construction of the bridge took about two years and $ 2.8 million.by 5 star PortugalIntroducing architectural design, construction started in 2017 and completed in July last year.

According to a statement from the site, “difficulty in deployment and unexpected geological problems required relocation of the bridge, delaying construction.”

Locals want the thrill-seeking people to visit the bridge to revive tourism in the post-pandemic area.

“I hope this bridge will further strengthen economic activity in the region, the Arouca municipality,” said Five Star Portugal. “These projects have proven to be strategic for the promotion and conservation of the Paiva River, including the conservation of biodiversity in all regions.”

From Monday, anyone can book a visit to the bridge.

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