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Would you like to go back to work?Here’s what you need to know

After MarchMany American professionals are trapped in their homes and manage their work and life in new and sometimes exhausting ways. But now some companies are starting to bring us back to their offices, bringing with them all the anxieties (elevators!) And opportunities (justifications to escape children again!).

When I get back to work, or at least a hybrid of work and WFH, new issues emerge. This collection of popular articles published by The Wall Street Journal in recent weeks and months ranges from what to wear in the office the moment after this bizarre sweatpants to more serious issues such as telling. Let’s look at some such issues, the boss about the sacrifices that the pandemic has made to your mental health. But first, look at the equipment of your traditional work life. Happy hour and why some people are regaining tradition before returning to the cubicle completely.


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Zoom Enough — Happy Hour in the office is back

Coronavirus forces many people to work from home, which also confuses office life equipment, drinks after work. While virtual happy hour has helped keep in touch with colleagues, many are trying to rejuvenate traditional social and informal networking that can’t replace Zoom meetings. Some say that maintaining that friendship is “very important.”


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Can my employer request you to get the Covid-19 vaccine?

A more serious dilemma with returning to work: Many companies wonder if or should employees be vaccinated, even before the Covid-19 vaccine is available to the general public in the United States. I am thinking. Here are some legal considerations regarding potential compulsory vaccine policies:


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What to wear for a zoom interview, and other style dilemmas, solutions

Men’s work life changed during the Covid era, and so did the professional dress code they once protected. What should a man wear in a zoom interview? What is a suitable mask for a conference room? Is it okay to wear a suit again?Here we ask experts to solve seven men’s style conundrums


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Is it okay to reveal your anxiety and depression to your boss?

During the pandemic, mental health problems have skyrocketed and companies are benefiting. But is it dangerous to reveal your anxiety and depression to your boss? Before looking for accommodation, check out some tips for talking to whom and thinking about what you need.


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Do you care about the subway?6 electrical options for commuting alone

Many American workers welcome their return to office life, but crowded commuter trains and city buses are still scary. From scooters to futuristic unicycles, traveling alone across towns seems less risky. But which form of “micromobility” is best for you?


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Office, Zoom, Homeschooling: How to Get Clothed for Our New Reality

Women who divide their time between video conferencing, distance learning, and occasional trips to newly opened offices face a dilemma. Women working with professionals assemble an autumn wardrobe that combines the comfort of WFH with professional polish.

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