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Wichita, Kansas 2021-01-12 23:50:09 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW)-Request for change. Car theft in Wichita has increased tremendously by 84% since a year ago. Wichita police and dealer general managers said state law needed to change.

Scofield Honda received a call from Wichita police on Saturday morning.

General manager Brad Cox said police said the car stolen by him crashed into the dealer’s parcel. He said he knew it would be difficult to find out who did it.

“The tag was stolen, lost control, hit two cars and creamed into our parcel,” Brad Cox said. “The individual was a woman who got out of the car and ran away on foot. In the act.”

According to Cox, the woman summed up the vehicles and left $ 20,000 worth of damage for the dealer to pay. He said it was the worst scenario.

“The perpetrators can jump out of the car and have no tying, so if they get involved in police pursuits, they can’t identify them,” Cox said.

Cox said he had been in the car business for 27 years and was the first to have six cars stolen last year and will never be seen again.

Cox said it wasn’t the police’s fault, as there weren’t many penalties for stealing the vehicle.

“The police are very frustrated because they pull the stolen car. People say they’re out and joy riding. In fact, they get a ticket to steal the car. I’ve put it in, “cox said.

Wichita police deputy chief Jose Salcido said stealing a car in Kansas does not necessarily mean prison time if the department finds the suspect.

“Let’s say you’re still stealing a car. But if you’re driving a car, there’s no way to prove that you stole it. Then there’s nothing I can do other than okay. No. She has a car. It’s a misdemeanor, “said Deputy Chief Jose Salsid.

Salcido said it was considered joyful. Joy riders have to pay a fine depending on the price of the car.

In surrounding states like Oklahoma and Missouri, there are other laws. The law makes those thefts a felony of two years in prison.

“Hey, the law isn’t enough to bring you justice,” said Salcido, who is hard to face the victims.

Lieutenant Scott Brunow said the number of thefts this year was alarming.

“This year has seen a significant increase of 84% year-to-date. It is reported that 90 cars were stolen from January 1st to January 10th this year, compared to 49 last year. , Again an 84% increase over the same period, “says Brunow.

Brunow said it repeatedly caused problems for the perpetrators.

“We see some repetitive criminals. In one example, a suspect who was charged later in the week was arrested, charged and then arrested again. Last week he robbed him. I committed and stole my car from my home, so I find that some of them are repeatedly criminals, which is very frustrating, “Brunow said.

These issues are the reason why Wichita police have called on Kansas lawmakers to enact a law that makes car theft a felony. The department also wants Kansas to call their legislators, so thieves can be placed behind the bar if they are in such a situation.

The ministry said it hoped it would lead to change and more severe penalties.

Cox said he hopes it will change so that he doesn’t have to deal with the further blow to premium rates.

“These thieves can go out and steal your car, damage it, go where they want and use it, you know, it will raise our insurance. It’s a pain and it’s sad, “he said.

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WPD and local dealership plea lawmakers for change in car theft penalties Source link WPD and local dealership plea lawmakers for change in car theft penalties

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