Wrong way driver I-480 Cleveland – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-11-26 09:02:17 –

Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – FOX 8I Team I got a video showing a reverse driver on a local highway.

Highway cameras show that the driver has gone down the other side of the highway for miles.

It happened Wednesday morning along the western I-480 before 4am.

The video shows the driver heading west in the east-facing lane.

The car hugged the berm on the highway and went in the wrong direction.

Ohio Highway Patrol and Cleveland Police received 911 calls.

One caller said: “480 … East lane … There is a west facing reverse driver. Some kind of sedan. I couldn’t get any further explanation … Passing at 60-70 mph.”

State police spent a lot of time looking for the driver, but never found the car.

It can be difficult to find a reverse-way driver if the police are not nearby as the driver keeps moving. And if they don’t crash, they either get off the freeway or eventually turn around.

This driver went in the wrong direction during the pass, considering at least three things. ODOT Camera on the highway.

Wrong way driver I-480 Cleveland Source link Wrong way driver I-480 Cleveland

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