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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Towards the beginning of the pandemic, WSU has increased the number of students enrolled in nursing programs. Currently, some of those students are preparing to join the workforce and become medical professionals.

Within that group is Christina Shriver. She only takes a few months to earn a nursing degree and graduate from WSU. But this is not her first degree. During the pandemic, Schreiber realized the need and decided to go back to school to fill the gap.

“It was a wild vehicle,” Schreiber said.

Christina is from Wichita and embarks on a new journey.

“Just getting into it, we already needed to be flexible,” Schreiber said.

She says she saw a big lack of needs in her community during the pandemic.

“It’s just a desire to help patients and their loved ones when needed,” says Schreiber.

At that time, she decided to get an additional degree. Christina has enrolled in WSU’s Nursing Program. And within a few months she was trying to help those who needed it most.

“I think it was more encouraging or enhanced,” Schreiber said.

Several students, such as Christina, are now demonstrating their skills to participate in internships at local hospitals that assist doctors and nurses within the ICU unit.

“If the pandemic doesn’t stop them, there’s nothing to stop them from entering the field of nursing,” said Shaunda Rakestraw’s registered nurse and nursing career coach.

Christina earned her degree in July and can’t wait to start a new job with Ascension via Christie.

“It’s a very proud moment to see these students still coming down our corridor and eager to find new opportunities and start their careers,” said Rakestraw. ..

“I think it was really important that none of us knew how big this pandemic would be and that we had to adapt quickly and provide the best care as a team,” Schreiber said. Told.

Christina says her decision was a bit impulsive, but she never gets it back. She plans to further her career in the next few years.

WSU sees an increase in their nursing department Source link WSU sees an increase in their nursing department

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